Who Is Sandie Rinaldo Husband Michael Rinaldo? Age Gap And Relationship

Many fans are curious about Sandie Rinaldo’s husband, Michael Rinaldo, and the cause of his untimely death following The CTV News specials I’M SANDIE RINALDO and SANDIE RINALDO’S 50/50, where she shared her life story.

Sandie Rinaldo is a famous Canadian television journalist and news anchor with over five decades of experience in the news broadcasting industry. She was born on January 16, 1950, in Toronto.

Rinaldo’s profession in broadcasting started as a dancer on CBC Television in the mid-Sixties. She earned an Honours Bachelor of Arts from York University’s Fine Arts program in 1973 before joining CTV.

Rinaldo currently serves as a weekend anchor for CTV National News and also contributes as a co-host and reporter on W5. On May 12, 2023, she marked her 50th anniversary of operating for CTV.

The journalist has won numerous awards throughout her illustrious career, including a Bryden Alumni Award, RTNDA award, and numerous International Film and Video medals for her coverage and analysis of ongoing news stories.

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Who Is Sandie Rinaldo Husband, Michael Rinaldo?

Sandie Rinaldo is a respected Canadian journalist, news anchor, and widow who lost her husband, Michael Rinaldo, to lung cancer in 2005.

The couple’s beautiful love story started when they met at  York University. They fell in love and soon became inseparable.

Sandie Rinaldo husband, Michael graduated with distinction in Fine Arts, while Sandie had not received her diploma when they married.

He supported her career, helped her in her studies, and supported her when working for CTV. They had a close bond and were together through thick and thin.

Sandie Rinaldo Husband
An old picture of Sandie and Michael with their daughters. (Source: CTV News)

The couple welcomed their first baby girl soon after their marriage in around 1980. However, they suffered the devastating loss of their one-day-old son on June 1, 19983.

Losing a child is never easy, but the immense love and affection between them cured the loss to some extent, and they further welcomed two girls into their family, making it a happy family of five.

However, all the happiness was short-lived. Sandie Rinaldo husband passed away in 2005 following a six-month-long battle with lung cancer, leaving Sandie responsible for three young children.

His passing turned into a surprise to Sandie, and she still misses him dearly. Sandie coped with her husband’s demise by studying Joan Didion’s book, “The Year of Magical Thinking,” which chronicles the author’s grief after losing her husband.

Despite the tragedy with Sandie Rinaldo husband, she is a devoted mom to their daughters. Michael may be long gone, but his memory and love still encourage Sandie.

Sandie Rinaldo And Michael Rinaldo Age Gap and Relationship

Michael Rinaldo and Sandie Rinaldo were a pair that inspired many with their love and devotion to each other. They had been high school sweethearts who married in their 20s and remained together till Michael’s death in 2005.

Sandie was known as Sandra Brycks before she changed her surname to Rinaldo after her marriage to Michael. Their relationship was among the most talked about in the TV universe, with many calling them soulmates.

Despite a 5-yr age gap, Sandie and Michael were perfect for each other. They supported each other through thick and thin and were together in every aspect of life, and had a relationship full of love and admiration for each other.

Sandie Rinaldo Husband
Sandie Rinaldo still misses her husband. (Source: CTV News)

The lovebirds were especially close during their child, Noah’s passing as an infant, and Michael’s lung cancer battle.

Sandie stood by her husband’s side throughout his illness and supported him emotionally and financially. However, their love alone could not save Sandie Rinaldo husband from the disease he was suffering from.

Michael’s loss was huge for Sadie. She was only 57 years old when her husband died. However, she did not marry again after her husband’s death and still holds enormous love for him.

The journalist has carried on her husband’s legacy of never giving up, which has helped her with her battle with breast cancer.

Despite his absence in the real world, she still feels his love and support as she continues to bring positive change into society.

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