Sergio Perera Wife Or Girlfriend Tessa Law: Age And Nationality

Sergio Perera wife and married life has been a topic of gossip among MasterChef fans as he is all set to put the contestants to the test tonight in this season of MasterChef Australia: Secrets & Surprises as a guest judge.

In the competition on May 25, one cook will go head-to-head with Perera after serving the best dish to the judges in round one. The best will get a free pass from Sunday’s elimination and a $10,000 Harvey Norman voucher.

The Australian-based chef, Perera, boasts experience working in some of the world’s finest eateries, such as elBulli, owned by the renowned Ferran Adrià.

The renowned chef Sergio Perera is also a nutritionist to the stars and has worked with some big names. Some of his clients include Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Sergio Perera Wife Or Girlfriend Tessa Law: Is He Married?

The celebrity chef Sergio Perera’s wife’s name is not exclusive yet. Perera has not shared his relationship status yet, making it difficult to comment on whether he is married or still dating. Moreover, no source confirms his marriage.

However, his social media reveals that he is with a woman named Tessa Law. It’s unclear if they are married or not. But the two are seen together on each other’s Instagram posts.

Posting a picture with her, Sergio wrote, “Nothing motivates a man quite like the right woman” and referred to her as his inspiration. The post made it very clear that he is in love with this woman, and the two remain each other’s biggest support.

Sergio Perera Wife
Sergio Perera’s partner, Tessa Law, is a fashion stylist, creative director, and producer. (Source: Instagram)

Professionally, Tessa Law is a fashion stylist, creative director, and producer. Her field of interest lies in health and beauty, and she posts a lot related to that.

Law is very particular about her job and finds her purpose in what she does. She has styled many people, including big names from the industry.

Tessa also has made a post on her Instagram wishing her 12-year-old son, Rafael, a happy birthday, which reveals that she is not only a fashion stylist but also a mother. However, it is not revealed if she had the child with Sergio or someone else in the past.

Sergio Perera Age: How Old Is He?

Sergio celebrates his birthday on May 27 every year. In 2022, he posted about his birthday on his social media handle but didn’t reveal his age. Since the year of his birth remains a mystery, his age can’t be determined.

The chef mentioning his birthday shared that he has never thought much of birthdays as he travels away from loved ones. But still, he has learned to appreciate all the acknowledgments and love received from his family and friends as he ages.

Sergio Perera Wife
Sergio Perera had already begun working in the kitchen at 15. (Source: Instagram)

Though Sergio’s actual age is undercover, he possessed the talent and art of cooking since he was young.

At 15, Perera had already begun working in the kitchen, obtaining fresh and organic ingredients from trusted sources like farmers, butchers, and fishermen. 

Not only that, he also enrolled himself in the knowledge of the science of nutrition when he turned 22. He took the cooking inspiration from his family, whom he loves a lot.

Sergio Perera Nationality: Where Is He From?

Sergio Perera has Australian nationality. Despite being based in Australia, Perera comes from a Spanish heritage. He was born and raised in Zaragoza, Spain. The chef grew up in a big household of excellent cooks.

Perera started his cooking journey in his Grandfather’s restaurant in Zaragoza, Spain, before working in world-renowned kitchens, from Arzak in San Sebastian to Kyoto Kitcho in Japan.

Sergio Perera Wife
Sergio Perera was born and raised in Zaragoza, Spain. (Source: Instagram)

Born and raised in Spain, Spanish heritage and culture greatly influence Sergio’s choice of cuisines. He loves cooking for friends and family, and Spanish taste is important to him.

Michelin-trained chef Sergio has traveled all around the world exploring his passion for food, and yet he continues to remain grounded in his roots and his homeland. Currently, he lives in Byron Bay, Australia.

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