Sofia Andres Parents: Monette Morpi Alejandre And Eric Caritativo Andres

Sofia Andres parents have been her pillars of support throughout her career in the Philippine entertainment industry. They have had a tremendous impact on her career as a model and actress.

Sofia began her career at a young age, on August 24, 1998, in Manila, Philippines, and went fast to recognition due to her talent and beauty.

In 2014, she rose to stardom in the hit Filipino teen romance film “She’s Dating the Gangster” as Athena Abigail Tizon.

Her enthralling performance gained her critical recognition and paved the way for additional opportunities in the profession.

Among her outstanding works are “Forevermore,” “Pusong Ligaw,” and “Bagani.”

Aside from acting, Sofia is also recognized for her modeling career. She has posed for several magazine’ covers and collaborated with various brands, showcasing her fashion sense and elegance.

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Sofia Andres Parents: Monette Morpi Alejandre And Eric Caritativo Andres

Sofia Andres was born to her parents, Monette Morpi Alejandre and Eric Caritativo Andres.

Monette Morpi Alejandre, Sofia’s mother, is a Filipina homemaker. Eric Caritativo Andres, her father, is a Filipino-Chinese entrepreneur who has his own company.

Sofia Andres recognizes her father as a self-made millionaire who has had a profound impact on her life and career. She credits him for instilling in her the values of hard work, persistence, and perseverance, which have influenced her approach to success.

In interviews, Sofia expresses gratitude for her father’s guidance and acknowledges the invaluable lessons he has taught her about determination and achieving her goals.

Sofia Andres Parents Monette Morpi Alejandre And Eric Caritativo Andres
Sofia Andres photo upload in Instagram (Source: Instagram)

Sofia has also disclosed that she has a close relationship with her parents, who are supportive of her career goals.

Her mother, in fact, urged her to pursue acting at a young age. Sofia has also stated that her parents have been a huge inspiration to her and that she aims to make them proud of her achievements.

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Sofia Andres Family And Ethnicity

Sofia Andres proudly identifies as a Filipina with Chinese roots, showcasing the multicultural heritage of the Philippines.

Sofia’s diverse ethnic background exemplifies the vibrant cultural tapestry of the Philippines, serving as an inspiration to fellow Filipinos who embrace their mixed heritage.

Sofia’s family and ethnicity hold a significant place in her identity, influencing her values and perspectives. They play an instrumental role in shaping her worldview and cultural pride.

Sofia Andres Family And Ethnicity
Sofia Andres and her daughter (Source: Instagram)

While specific details about her family’s background may not be widely available, Sofia openly expresses her love and gratitude for her family on various platforms, demonstrating the close bond they share.

As a public figure, Sofia serves as a role model for young Filipinos who navigate their multicultural identities.

Her embrace of her Chinese ancestors and Filipino roots helps the country’s appreciation of diversity and inclusivity.

Sofia’s knowledge and respect for her heritage contribute to the complex tapestry of cultures that make up the Philippines, generating a sense of unity and acceptance among her admirers and followers.

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Sofia Andres Siblings

Sofia Andres has three siblings. She is the third born in her family. Her older siblings are Ian and Lara, and she has a younger brother named Bryan.

Her sister Lara is also an actress, having made her debut in the 2019 film “Wild Little Love.” Lara, like her sister, is known for her beauty and talent, and she has developed a following in the Philippines for her on-screen appearances.

Despite their hectic schedules, Sofia and Lara have a tight friendship and are frequently spotted together at events and on social media.

Sofia Andres Siblings
Sofia Andres with her younger brother, Bryan (Source: starmometer)

She has stated in interviews that she is pleased with her sister’s successes and that they support one another in their different positions.

Sofia shares an incredibly close and affectionate bond with her younger brother, Bryan, who happens to have Down Syndrome.

In various interviews and through her active presence on social media, Sofia openly expresses her deep love and unwavering support for Bryan, often referring to him as her “angel” and considering him a true blessing in their family.

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