Stephen Thompson Kids: Does He Have A Children With His Girlfriend?

Meet Stephen Thompson kids and look closely at his personal life details. The MMA fighter is scheduled to face opponent Michel Pereira at UFC 291 on 29 July 2023.

American professional mixed martial artist (MMA) Stephen Thompson, “Wonderboy,” competes in the Welterweight division for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Former full-contact kickboxer Thompson was undefeated through twenty professional and thirty-seven amateur kickboxing matches. Thus he is recognized as one of the most accomplished strikers in the UFC.

Moreover, Stephen is known for his solid kicks and punches in the ring during matches, but he is considered a polite human and one of the most respectful fighters.

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Stephen Thompson Kids: Does He Have Children? Wife Rumors

UFC fighter Stephen is the head kid’s instructor at Upstate Karate in Simpsonville. He is pretty good at getting along with the minor children. 

However, forty years old Thompson is yet to have children. Similarly, he is also not in any marital relationships.

Time and again, there are several rumors of his hidden marriage, secret wife, and children. Similarly, Stephen might be in a serious relationship but is not disclosing it to the public.

But all of them were the false speculation of his fans and followers. Thus, none of the rumors are true, and Stephen Thompson is not committed.

Observing the fighter providing training to the kids in the Karate center and his post on his Facebook account, Stephen’s fans might have wished to see him along with his family consisting of his beloved wife and son.

Stephen Thompson Kids
Stephen Thompson goofing with one of the kids in his training center. (Source: Facebook)

Regardless, the fighter seems not to have any interest in getting married. But we never know if he changed his mind and married his secret girlfriend or any noncelebrity woman.

Who Is Stephen Thompson’s Girlfriend? Dating Timeline

There is no authentic information about the fighter’s romantic life, and Stephen has not publicized any information regarding his partner.

Previously, Wonderboy Stephen was rumored to be in a relationship with UFC ring Filipina fighter Red Dela Cruz in 2016. The rumor spread like wildfire during Thompson’s visit to Asia for a UFC event in 2016.

During the tour, Dela Cruz was the official companion for Stephen. Their chemistry might make the fans think about their relationship.

Stephen Thompson Kids
Stephen Thompson was rumored to be in a romantic commitment with UDC star Red Dela Cruz. (Source: Firstsportz)

However, both denied the news, and the rumor faded after the tour. After that, Thompson’s dating life is a mystery among his fans.

In the midst, there were rumors of Stephen being gay; thus, he is being secretive about his love life because of insecurities. The fighter makes no statements regarding this topic, and it is only speculation of the fans.

Stephen Thompson not having a single dating news and known relationship might have made the fans think that way.

However, nothing regarding Thompson’s intimate life and his sexual orientation is mentioned by the UFC fighter. Thus, it will be wide to wait for Stephen to address the topic of his personal life.

Stephen Thompson Family: Parents And Siblings

Stephen Thompson, ” Wonderboy,” was born on 11 February 1983 in Simpsonville, South Carolina, United States.

Born to American- white parents Stephen follows the beliefs of Christianity. The values and faith he has in the god’s glory are seen in Thompson’s gentle behavior, and the cross necklace he usually wears is an additional attribute of the religion.

He is the loving son of his father, Ray Thompson, and mother, Gloria Thompson. Stephen’s father is a full-time martial artist and manages upstake Karate Family Martial Arts center. Similarly, his mother is a housemaker and sportsperson.

Stephen Thompson Kids
Stephen Thompson is close to his mother, and he has respect for her. (Source: Facebook)

Wonderboy grew up with four siblings: two brothers and two sisters. Three of his siblings are well-known to his fans.

Stephen’s sister Lindsay Thompson is married to martial artist Carlos Machado, and they have been together for almost 20 years. Similarly, his brother Tony Thompson is married to MMA fighter Chris Weildman‘s sister.

Similarly, Stephen’s younger brother Evan Thompson has followed his pathway and is a professional MMA fighter.

Thompson’s family members are prominent players in their respective fields. Stephen and his siblings greatly respect their father, Ray Thompson, who is their main inspiration for pursuing their martial arts and sports careers.

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