Who Are Harrison And Madison Scalise, Steve Scalise Children? Wife Jennifer Scalise

What’s it like growing up in a political household? Discover the personalities, interests, and aspirations of Steve Scalise children, Harrison and Madison.

Stephen Joseph Scalise, born on October 6, 1965, has been a prominent figure in American politics for decades. He proudly represents the First Congressional District of Louisiana.

Having represented the district since 2008, Scalise has held prominent positions as House Majority Whip, House Minority Whip, and currently, House Majority Leader.

Scalise’s conservative values have driven his legislative agenda, including accomplishments like the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and the USMCA trade deal.

He remains steadfast in securing the southern border, prioritizing education, reducing reliance on foreign energy, and investigating the origins of COVID-19.

The politician has successfully fought for the RESTORE Act, directing Clean Water Act fines towards coastal restoration after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. 

Recently, Scalise faced a new challenge, announcing his diagnosis of multiple myeloma. Despite this health setback, he has come back to work from September 14, after starting chemotherapy.

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Steve Scalise Children: Harrison And Madison Scalise Are Still In School

In addition to his prominent role in American politics, Steve Scalise is a devoted father to two wonderful children, Harrison and Madison Scalise.

While details about Harrison’s birthday remain private, Madison was born on the festive occasion of St. Patrick’s Day. This coincidence adds more joy to the Scalise family.

Both Harrison and Madison appear to be in their teenage years, with vibrant youthfulness evident in their looks. It seems that they are in school.

Their father, Steve, takes an active interest in their lives, often bringing them along to his workplace, where they have the opportunity to meet esteemed figures in government.

Steve Scalise Children
Steve Scalise children love going to football matches with their parents. (Source: Facebook

Likewise, Steve Scalise children are also seen cherishing all these experiences with their father. This not only provides them with unique experiences but also nurtures their understanding of public service. 

The Scalise family shares a passion for fishing. Steve, when not at work, can often be spotted on fishing adventures with his son, creating memories for both of them.

Likewise, his Twitter post on January 4, 2018, captured a joyful moment of Steve and his kids, commemorating his re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives.

In his message, Steve expressed his privilege in having his children join him in the chamber. This gesture exemplifies the deep connection he shares with Harrison and Madison.

It’s clear that Steve Scalise’s commitment to his children is unflagging, and they are indeed fortunate to have a father who places them at the forefront of his priorities, both personally and professionally.

Steve Scalise Is Married To Jennifer Scalise For Almost Two Decades

Steve Scalise has shared nearly two decades of marital bliss with his beloved wife, Jennifer Scalise. She was formerly known as Jennifer Ann Letulle.

The couple exchanged vows on March 19, 2005, in a heartfelt ceremony held at the historic St. Louis Cathedral, and have been together ever since.

Jennifer graduated from John Curtiss Christian High School and went on to obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Southeastern Louisiana University.

Her dedication to education extended to the classroom, where she served as a junior high reading and English teacher within the Jefferson Parish School System and later for Ses Inc.

Steve Scalise Children
Steve Scalise posted a beautiful picture with his wife on Valentine’s Day. (Source: Facebook

Jennifer is a loving daughter and sibling, coming from a family of several brothers and sisters. She shares her life with one brother, two sisters, and four stepsiblings.

Apart from that, the Scalises exemplify an ideal partnership, their love and companionship evident in every aspect of their lives. 

Congressman Scalise’s devotion to Jennifer is noticeable as he brings her along on his journeys and celebrates special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Women’s Day with heartfelt gestures.

Jennifer, in turn, has been a tireless pillar of support throughout her husband’s political journey and his recent battle with cancer.

In an arena where the demands of public service can often overshadow personal life, Steve Scalise stands out as a devoted husband who cherishes the bond he shares with Jennifer.

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