Suleiman Khawar Murder Or Suicide: Family Seeks Help Gofundme

Suleiman Khawar was a Vancouver-based 23-year-old man who was recently found dead in False Creek. After his body was discovered in the water, people were curious to know more about Suleiman Khawar murder or if it was a suicide. 

Suleiman Khawar was a 23-year-old guy with a South Asian ethnic background. He had gone missing a few days ago, on May 25. As per his mother, he had called her, informing her that he was coming back from Mansion Night Club on the night of his disappearance. 

Exactly two weeks after his disappearance, a boater found his body in False Creek Monday morning around 8:30 am. The police are currently investigating to find out if he was murdered or if it was a suicide. 

Suleiman Khawar Murder Or Suicide

After the young adult mysteriously disappeared into thin air, Khawar’s parents constantly searched for him everywhere. They even held a large search party on Granville Island, which included 32 kayaking people searching False Creek in hopes of finding him. 

The family had also launched a GoFundMe page in order to seek help and every possible support provided by the public for a private investigation. 

Though he was found, it was already too late. His body was discovered lifeless in the water of False Creek by a boater bringing a tragic end to an 11-day search. 

Suleiman Khawar Murder
Suleiman Khawar went missing on May 25 and was found dead on June 5 (Source: Global News)

After his identity was confirmed, the BC Coroners Service is investigating the case carefully, looking for possible answers. 

The police ask anyone who saw or interacted with Suleiman on May 25 or early May 26 to call VPD’s Missing Person Unit at 604-717-2530 or email [email protected].

As for now, the mystery behind Suleiman Khawar murder or suicide is not cleared. 

Sadly, Khawar is not the first to end up with his tragic faith. A few weeks before his disappearance, another South-Asian man named Irshaad Ikbal went missing on 29th April. 

Unfortunately, Ikbal’s remains were also discovered in False Creek on May 18, Thursday evening, after weeks of searching. He was also missing and was last seen at around 2 am on April 29 near the Plaza of Nations.

Although the officials haven’t linked the two cases, people seem convinced that the two lads were possibly targetted by some kind of serial killer like Bruch Mcarthur, who murdered eight men of South Asian/ Middle Eastern Descent in Toronto). 

Hopefully, we will learn more about these two beautiful souls’ sudden and tragic demise. 

Suleiman Khawar Family Seeks Help On Gofundme

The 23-year-old Suleiman Khawar was last seen on May 25 at Mansion Night Club near West Georgia and Thurlow Streets. Later, around 1 am, he was seen heading southbound from The Roxy Cabaret the following morning.

Just around midnight, he even called his mother to let her know he was coming home from the club. This was the last conversation he ever had with anyone before going missing. 

Suleiman Khawar Murder
Suleiman Khawar was last seen on May 26 (Source: CTV News)

After a few days of Khawar’s mysterious disappearance, his family started a GoFundMe page hoping to collect help from people to fund private investigators for the search. 

His family had set the target amount to $5,000, but people from all around came together to fasten the search by donating as much as possible, resulting in collecting way more.

Though Suleiman was found dead after 11 days, the GoFundMe page created for his search had already collected $22,287. The family later confirmed that the amount would now be used for a funeral service and his last rituals. 

As per his family, Suleiman Khawar was the youngest in the family. He was described as a kind-hearted, gentle, and the sweetest person who loved playing chess, board games, and soccer. Suleiman was also passionate about making music and so much more.

We offer our deepest condolences and prayer to his and Ikbal’s family in this challenging time.

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