Who Is Surinder Shinda Son Simran And Maninder Shinda? Wife And Family

Surinder Shinda son, Maninder Shinda, is a renowned Punjabi singer. Explore Surinder’s family, wife, and more. Get insights into his personal life and musical journey.

Surinder Shinda, a renowned Indian singer in the Punjabi music industry, is hailed as the “grandfather of moc” and an iconic figure.

Likewise, he has carved a legendary status with his distinctive Kali singing style. With a string of chart-topping hits like “Jatt Jeona Morh,” “Putt Jattan De,” and “Hemis Boliyan,” Shinda’s musical prowess has captivated audiences.

Beyond his singing career, Surinder has also made significant contributions as an actor and composer. His multifaceted talent and versatility have earned him widespread recognition.

In his current role as a producer, Shinda mentors and supports younger artists, contributing to the growth of the Punjabi music scene, including his son Maninder Shinda.

Stay tuned to gain more details on Surinder Shinda’s son, Maninder Shinda.

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Who Is Surinder Shinda Son Maninder Shinda And Shiv Simran Pal Shinda?

Surinder Shinda, the legendary Punjabi singer, is the proud father of two sons, Maninder Shinda and Shiv Simran Pal Shinda.

Moreover, Maninder, inspired by his father’s musical journey, has followed in his footsteps and emerged as a talented Punjabi folk singer.

In 2008, Surinder Shinda son, Maninder, embarked on a successful world tour in the USA. He has also released an album titled “Jogiya,” comprising 11 melodious songs that showcase his versatility as an artist.

With his distinctive voice and emotive singing style, Shinda has garnered immense popularity. Tracks like “Aukaat” and “Delhi De Dhaune Kingre” have become fan favorites, resonating with listeners worldwide.

Surinder Shinda Son
Surinder Shinda son, Maninder Shinda following in his father’s footsteps is also a Punjabi singer. (Source: YouTube)

Other notable songs from his repertoire include “Phaji” and “7 Janam.”

Furthermore, he has imbibed his father’s extensive experience and knowledge of Punjabi music, allowing him to develop a deep understanding of the art form.
Likewise, the father-son duo has also collaborated on a duet album called “The Shinda Duet,” showcasing their harmonious blend of voices and shared passion for Punjabi music.

Similarly, the singer acknowledges his father’s constant encouragement to sing from the heart and remain rooted in their cultural heritage.

With each performance and release, Surinder Shinda’s son, Maninder Shinda, continues to build upon his father’s legacy, leaving an indelible mark on the Punjabi music industry.

Surinder Shinda Wife Joginder Kaur And Family

Born on May 20, 1953, in the village of Choti Ayali in Punjab’s Ludhiana district, Surinder Shinda, originally named Surinder Pal Dhammi, hails from a Ramgharia Sikh family.

Although his father, Ustaad Mistari Bachan Ram, and mother, Videavati, are mentioned, there is scarce information regarding his family background, including potential siblings or other relatives.

Likewise, Surinder’s early life and familial connections remain relatively undisclosed, focusing more on his noteworthy contributions to Punjabi music and his influence in the industry.

Moreover, regarding his own family, Surinder Shinda is married to Joginder Kaur.

Surinder Shinda Son
Surinder Shinda was born on May 20, 1953, in a Ramgharia Sikh family. (Source: LiveClefs)

However, it is worth noting that Joginder Kaur is said to be the cousin of Dev Tharikewala’s wife, who is known for penning lyrics for Shinda and Kuldeep Manak.

As mentioned earlier, the legendary singer and his wife, Joginder, have been blessed with two sons, Maninder Shinda and Shiv Simran Pal Shinda.

Further, the talented Maninder Shinda has followed in his father’s footsteps and established himself as a Punjabi folk singer, while Shiv Simran Pal Shinda’s pursuits and details remain undisclosed.

While information about Surinder Shinda’s immediate family is available, further details about his extended family or any other relatives are not widely documented.

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