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Think that girls can’t hit hard? We’re pretty sure that you won’t be thinking the same once you see Tamina striking others. With her unrelenting aggression, she plans to blow past her division no matter where she’s performing.

In addition, Tamina is also someone who has wrestling passed down in her veins. This remarkable brawling lass not only has overwhelming size and strength. In addition, she also possesses high flying abilities to lay waste of her opponents.

This fearless and imposing diva is someone all the others should be very aware of. Similarly, she can even overpower others on her own or by teaming up with others.

Therefore, we can say that if or messes with her, begging is not going to work, and they will pay the price. Women’s wrestling scene is about to be run over, and everybody better watch out for her.

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Stunning Diva Tamina

She is a powerhouse every fan wants to see week-in week-out. Snuka is someone who generally does not believe in much talking. However, she makes her point with her dominating performances in the ring.

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Quick Facts About Snuka:


Real Name  Sarona Moana-Marie Reiher Snuka
Ring Name  Sarona Snuka, Tamina, Tamina Snuka
Date of Birth  January 10, 1978  (Age: 42 Years)
Marital Status  Divorced
Birthplace  Vancouver, Washington, U.S.
Ethnicity  Fijian and Samoan
Profession  Professional Wrestler, Actress
Nationality  American
Tamina Net Worth  Estimated at around at $1Million dollars
Height  5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
Weight  170 lbs
Horoscope  Capricorn

Early Life

Sarona Moana-Marie Reiher Snuka was born in the city of Vancouver, Washington. She was born to parents Jimmy Snuka and Sharon. Jimmy himself was a legendary wrestler himself, and Sharon was his first wife.

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Beautiful Sarona also has a rich wrestling heritage

It seems that Sarona was only destined to become a wrestler herself, having such a highly respected wrestling heritage. In addition, she even has three other siblings.

Sarona has a brother named James and two sisters Liana and Ata. James is a wrestler like Snuka herself. He is popularly known as Deuce, his ring-name.

Before beginning her wrestling journey, she first received training from the legendary Bret Hart. She even learned er skills at Wild Samoan Training Center. However, Sarona has not shared details about her educational background.

Tamina Age & Body Measurements

Sarona Moana was born on the 10th of January, 1978. Tamina age is 42 years. She is going to steam-roll her way past the women’s division for still some more time. So we better not miss out on her dominating displays.

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Snuka is also a marvelous diva who is gifted with stunning beauty. She is an example of both beauty and beast combined. Tamina height is a splendid 5 ft 9 inches and weighs around 170 lbs. Above all, what’s really impressive is that she knows exactly how to utilize her size and strength to win and entertain others.

Tamina Net Worth

Snuka is a diva who is not just seen as a fireball of power. Over her impressive career in wrestling, she has established herself as one of the top competitors in the game.

tamina snuka net worth

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Yes, she might have got a little boost due to her famous and legendary father, Jimmy. However, she has reached in the position she’s in today through sheer hard work and determination.

Due to this, Sarona has not only won a lot of accolades, but has also won over many hearts over the years. Similarly, she has also made a decent earning over the years. Tamina Snuka net worth is estimated to be around $1Million dollars.

Personal Life

Sarona is also a diva who has been married before. She was married to Brandon Polamalu. They got married back in 1995. However, they split nearly after a decade of marriage in 2003.

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Snuka is also a mother to two children. She has two beautiful daughters. Sadly, she even lost her father Jimmy, in 2017. He died after suffering a terminal illness at the age of 73.

In addition, she is also an actress. Sarona has made cameo appearances in movies like Hercules. She has also guest-starred in Total Divas and WWE Tough Enough. Snuka has even appeared in six of WWE’s video games.


Sarona made her wrestling debut in the year 2009. Just a year later, in 2010, she began competing in the WWE and performed impressively under various alliances.

She has often played a heel’s role over the years. However, we have to say that Sarona can play this role to perfection. With her abilities, strength, and mass, she is the perfect bad girl for this business.

Over the years, Tamina has thoroughly entertained us by being involved in various intriguing storylines. Teaming up with The Usos, being AJ Lee‘s bodyguard, Team B.A.D, and her alliance with Nia Jax stand out from the rest.

Tamina Snuka Instagram & Other Social Media

Instagram: 600K Followers

Facebook: 541K Followers

Twitter: 532.8K Followers

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