Who Are Vicentico Madre Adelaida Mangani And Padre? Family Tree

Vicentico is a famous Argentine singer who has greatly contributed to the Argentine music industry. Please get to know more about his personal life and also about Vicentico Madre (Mother).

Gabriel Julio Fernandez Capello- artistically known as Vicentico is an Argentine musician, composer, co-founder, and lead singer of the Band Los Fabulosos Cadillacs. 

Vicentico started his music career around 1986 and released songs being based on the Band he was associated with.

 Similarly, he started his solo career in 2002 and released top-notch quality music. His music albums include Vicentico (2002), Las Rayos (2004), Los Pajaros (2006), Ultimo Acto (2014), and El Hombre (2016).

The albums EL Pozo Brillante (2021), made him win the Latin Grammy Award for Best Rock Album in 2021.

Who Are Vicentico Madre (Mother) Adelaida Mangani And Padre?

Vicentico was born to father Ariel Bufano and Mother Adelaida Mangani. Up to the age of thirty-three, he thought that his father is Manuel Fernandez Capello. However, he later discovered that his biological father is Ariel Bufano.

Vicentico Madre Adelaida Mangani is a puppeteer. She was born in Buenos Aries, Argentina. Adelaida began her work as a puppeteer in 1969 and was the co-founder of the Puppeteer Group of the General San Martin Theater which she currently directs.

81 years old Mangani is also the director of the “Ariel Bufano School of Puppeteers” and was the director of Institutes of the General Directorate of Artistic Education.

Vicentico Madre 
Vicentico Madre is the puppeteer and the director of the various theatre shows. (Source: Clarin)

Vicentico Madre is known for the direction and composition of many successful shows. Some of the shows that stand out throughout her career are Cat Stories, Beauty and the Beast, Darkness of the Writer in Love, and Theodore.

Adelaida was popular for her puppet shows and theatre. People from all over the country used to come for her show and often delivered positive feedback.

For her brilliant work, she has received the awards for  Children and Youth Jury Konex Award (2001) and (2021).

Likewise, Vicentico’s father Ariel Bufano was also the Puppeteer. Vicentico Madre and Padre met during the Puppeteer training in their youth. 

Ariel was the student of Javier Villafane who was a famous child book writer and puppeteer.

Bufano founded the puppetry company “Titiriteros Del Teatro Municipal General San Martin (TMGSM)”, which is one of the major institutions in Argentina in the field of performing arts, he directed the institution until his death in 1991.

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Vicentico Family Tree

Vicentico was born on July 24, 1964, in Buenos Aries, Argentina. His real last name was Bufano. However, his mother married Fernandez Capello when she was pregnant with Vicentico so he kept his name as Babriel Julio Fernandez Capello. 

His legal father was Manuel Fernandez Capello but his biological father was Ariel Bufano. 

The Argentine singer had a sister Tamara but she died of an overdose. So, at the age of seventeen Vicentico wrote a song “Basta de llamarme asi” dedicated to his sister.

Vicentico Madre
Vicentico was married to Valeria Bertuccelli in 1994. (Source: Instagram )

He is married to Valeria Bertuccelli- an Argentinian film and television actress. The couple met on the set of 1000 Boomerangs. He is blessed with two sons Florian Fernandez Capello on March 11, 1995, and Vicente Fernandez Capello in 2007. 

Vicentico shares a strong family bond with his family and mother. He is rarely shown with his mother, however, he has respect and love for his Madre.

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