Wab Kinew Family Ethnicity: Know About His Parents Tobasonakwut And Kathi Avery

The prominent Canadian politician and media personality Wab Kinew family has a rich cultural heritage which is also rooted in his parents, Tobasonakwut and Kathi Avery.

Wab Kinew, a Canadian politician, has made history by becoming Canada’s first-ever First Nations premier.

Prior to his political endeavors, Kinew worked as a television reporter, expressed his creative talents through rap music, and even served as a university administrator.

In 2016, he successfully secured a seat in the Manitoba legislature, marking the beginning of his political ascent.

Similarly, in 2017, Wab assumed leadership roles as the head of the Manitoba New Democratic Party and the leader of the Opposition in 2017.

Further, his remarkable victory in the recent election is a beacon of hope for Canadian politics, as a result, the public is also interested in the Wab Kinew family.

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Get To Know Wab Kinew Family And Ethnicity

Wab Kinew family life reflects a beautiful blend of commitment and heritage.

He has been married to Lisa Monkman, a dedicated family physician serving an inner-city clinic since their union in 2014.

Their journey as a couple blossomed with the birth of their first son in May 2017.

Concurrently, Wab Kinew family including his parents, Tobasonakwut Kinew and Dr. Kathi Avery Kinew, have made notable contributions to Indigenous culture and governance.

Wab Kinew family, as of July 26, 2023, continues to embrace their roles as devoted parents to their two sons.

Wab Kinew Family
Wab Kinew family includes his wife Lisa Monkman and their children. (Source: Facebook)

Additionally, Wab Kinew family extends to two sons from a previous relationship, enriching his family dynamic.

Furthermore, Wab Kinew family heritage plays a pivotal role in shaping his identity and perspective.

Wab Kinew family comes from the Anishinaabeg community and takes pride in being a citizen of the Onigaming First Nation, located within the Treaty Three region of northwestern Ontario.

This deep connection to his ancestral roots informs his commitment to Indigenous issues and cultural preservation in his political and personal life.

Meet Wab Kinew Parents: Father Tobasonakwut Kinew

Wab Kinew’s family background is rooted in a rich tapestry of experiences and identities.

His parents, Tobasonakwut Kinew and Dr. Kathi Avery Kinew are central figures in his life.

Born on December 31, 1981, in Kenora, Ontario, Wab Kinew’s journey has been deeply influenced by his father, Tobasonakwut Kinew, also known as Peter Kelly.

Likewise, Tobasonakwut Kinew is an Anishinaabeg known for his Indigenous leadership.

Further, he is also recognized as a survivor of the traumatic residential school system, which separated him from his family at just five years old.

Wab Kinew Family
Wab Kinew with his father, Tobasonakwut Kinew, also known as Peter Kelly. (Source: CBC)

In his poignant memoir, “The Reason You Walk,” Wab Kinew shares his profound journey of reconciliation with his father, particularly during his father’s battle with cancer.

Tobasonakwut’s unique path is highlighted by his role as a traditional chief who embraced both traditional Indigenous spirituality and Catholicism,

Moreover, it embodies a complex intersection of cultures and beliefs in Wab’s personal life.

Meet Wab Kinew Parents: Mother Kathi Avery Kinew

Wab Kinew’s mother, Dr. Kathi Avery Kinew, is a non-native policy analyst.

While not as widely recognized as her husband and son, Dr. Kathi Avery Kinew has played a vital, supportive role in Wab Kinew’s life.

Similarly, in a touching moment during Wab Kinew’s victory speech after the recent Manitoba election, he introduced his mother to the crowd.

Moreover, they celebrated her birthday with a heartwarming rendition of “Happy Birthday.”

Likewise, this gesture exemplified the close-knit bond within the Kinew family.

Further, in his memoir, Wab Kinew beautifully recounts the significance of his mother’s unwavering support.

Particularly during his father’s courageous battle with cancer, shedding light on her profound strength and dedication.

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