Wasim Akram Children: Meet His Two Sons Tahmoor And Akbar

Who are Wasim Akram children? The cricket legend is not just known for his on-field heroics but also for his role as a father to three amazing kids.

Wasim Akram, born on June 3, 1966, is a cricket legend hailing from Lahore, Pakistan. Known as The Sultan of Swing, he is revered as one of the greatest fast bowlers in the history of cricket.

Akram’s left-arm pace and mastery of reverse swing bowling set him apart. His record of 881 wickets in List A cricket and 502 in ODIs solidify his legacy.

The athlete’s crowning achievement was leading Pakistan to the 1999 Cricket World Cup finals. Beyond the pitch, he’s contributed as a coach and commentator.

The cricket jock remains a revered figure in the cricketing world as his remarkable career earned him the Hilal-e-Imtiaz, Pakistan’s prestigious award for lifetime cricket achievements in 2019.

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Wasim Akram Children: He Is The Father Of Two Sons And A Daughter

Wasim Akram, the legendary Pakistani fast bowler, is not only a cricketing icon but also a doting father. He has two sons, Tahmoor Akram and Akbar Akram, from his first marriage to Huma.

Tahmoor Akram has followed a unique path, becoming an amateur MMA fighter. His father, the ‘Sultan of Swing,’ confirmed this exciting development during an event in the UAE.

The younger one’s journey in the world of MMA has taken him to the United States, where he is pursuing his dream of becoming a professional fighter. Wasim Akram fully supports his son’s ambitions and values his independence.

Akbar Akram, the younger of the two sons, has made strides in his academic journey. In November 2022, he received acceptance from Duquesne University, marking a significant milestone in his life.

Wasim Akram Children
Wasim Akram children add light to his family. (Source: Facebook)

Currently residing in Pittsburgh, Akbar shares a close bond with his father and frequently shares pictures of their cherished moments together.

Additionally, Wasim Akram and his second wife have a daughter, Aiyla Sabeen Rose Akram. She holds a special place in the family as the only young girl, cherished by her father and siblings.

The Akram family is a symbol of love and understanding, where each member is encouraged to pursue their dreams and passions.

Wasim Akram children are fortunate to have a father who not only excels in cricket but also empowers them to carve their own unique paths in life.

With a future MMA fighter, an academic achiever, and a beloved daughter, the Akram family exemplifies the spirit of support and unity.

Wasim Akram Has Been Married To Shaniera Akram For Over A Decade

Former Pakistani cricket legend Wasim Akram has been married to Shaniera Akram for over a decade, marking a new chapter in his life after the tragic loss of his first wife, Huma Akram.

The couple tied the knot in 2013 and has since built a life together four after the tragic incident involving Akram’s first wife. Huma Mufti, Wasim Akram’s first wife, was a significant part of his life.

They were married in 1995 and had two sons, Tahmoor and Akbar, during their 14-year marriage. Tragically, Huma’s life was cut short when she passed away in 2009 due to heart and kidney-related complications.

In an interview with ASports, Wasim Akram shared the heartbreaking story of her demise, including their journey to a hospital in India, where she was admitted to the ICU but never regained consciousness.

Wasim Akram Children
Wasim Akram is all smiles with his wife, Shaniera. (Source: Instagram)

The loss of Huma was undoubtedly a challenging period for Wasim Akram and their two young sons. He was left alone with the responsibilities of two young children.

Following the incident, the athlete had to break the news to the children, who were just 7 and 10 years old at the time, and try to navigate the difficult journey of single parenthood.

However, the cricket legend found love and support once again in his life. In 2013, Wasim Akram married Australian social worker Shaniera Thompson.

Their union not only brought love and companionship back into his life but also strengthened the family bonds. Shaniera became a loving stepmother to Akram’s sons and their daughter, Aiyla.

Shaniera’s role in the family has been pivotal, as she not only embraced her new family but also played a unifying and nurturing role.

The Akram family is now a symbol of love, resilience, and the power of moving forward while cherishing the memories of the past.

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