What Is Wrong With Sarah Geronimo Teeth? Braces Before And After

Discover the fascinating changes Sarah Geronimo Teeth underwent as she underwent a dental improvement journey. Read the article to understand what happened.

Sarah Asher Tua Geronimo-Guidecelli, commonly known as Sarah Geronimo, is a Filipino singer, performer and actress. She gained public attention after winning a television singing contest.

She has been involved in the entertainment business since 2002, and Viva Artists Agency is her current agent.

Sarah is renowned for having perfect comic timing, a flair for drama, a strong singing voice, and an elderly soul with a nearly exotic appeal.

Geronimo is the first local female solo artist to reach 100 million YouTube views with her hit song “Tala.” At the 2020 Akwa-Ibom State Advancement Awards (ASAA), she won the “Distinguished Entertainment Personality of the Year” title, among other honors.

What Is Wrong With Sarah Geronimo Teeth?

Geronimo recently captured the attention of her fans with a noteworthy Instagram shot and fascinating hashtag. The singer-actress uploaded a dazzling photo of herself sporting braces with pride.

Sarah was thrilled with her choice to finally have orthodontic treatment, even though the reason she put it off is still unknown. She described it as a long-awaited “dream come true.”

Sarah Geronimo Teeth
Sarah Geronimo Teeth. (Source: Instagram)

She captioned her photo thanking the doctor, saying, “Thank you, Doc Gan, #GAOC, for the dental care!” She also wrote #angpangarapkongbraces along with her thank you a message.

Furthermore, she also invited everyone to watch her video for her “TALA The Film Concert” with her braces on. Her fans were surprised to see her braces, so some commented, “HAHA, BIG REVEAL of the super braces.”

In addition, it is essential to remember that orthodontic treatment is a gradual procedure, as fans of Sarah eagerly anticipate her trip and its results.

The braces will gradually realign Sarah’s teeth into their intended positions by gently shifting them over time.

Finally, Geronimo’s choice to get braces opens a fascinating new chapter in her dental adventure. Her passion and delight are apparent, despite the reasons for her choice being unknown.

Sarah’s honesty and determination inspire many considering orthodontic treatment to get a healthier, more attractive smile as her followers avidly monitor her progress.

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Sarah Geronimo Before And After Braces

Fans and admirers of Geronimo have shown curiosity in learning more about her dental makeover. The well-known musician and actress were seen wearing braces in March 2021, which aroused appreciation and interest.

The trending hashtag “Ang Pangarap Kong Braces” (My Dream Braces) on social media channels helped rapidly draw notice to the situation.

Her experience with braces became viral, sparking several online conversations and films that examined and tracked the development of her dental alignment.

Sarah Geronimo Teeth
Sarah Geronimo Teeth After removing braces. (Source: Twitter)

One well-known YouTube video explores Sarah Geronimo teeth and her braces-wearing experience. It details perfect alignment and emphasizes its advantages on one’s look and confidence.

Additionally, another YouTube video shows Sarah Geronimo receiving dental care, particularly for her braces, highlighting the significance of expert maintenance throughout the procedure.

However, there isn’t much information readily available to compare Sarah Geronimo teeth before and after the braces.

There is no clear before-and-after comparison to determine the precise alterations in her tooth anatomy, despite her experience wearing braces being extensively chronicled.

Her journey and the beneficial change her braces have caused remain the critical points of emphasis.

Sarah Geronimo Health Update

As of now, Sarah Geronimo’s health has not received any current updates.

The only time her health has been mentioned is in a 2016 story, which stated that she would be taking a vacation from July to August due to health issues but offered no further information.

Geronimo has had a spectacular career in the entertainment sector, one that has been filled with honors and awards.

In addition to numerous other awards, she has received 12 Awit Awards, 8 Aliw Awards, 28 Myx Music Awards, and a FAMAS Golden Award.

Sarah Geronimo Teeth
Sarah Geronimo (Source: Instagram)

Sarah has established herself as a highly esteemed performer with over 100 accolades in the entertainment sector, including recognition from many organizations and prizes for music, cinema, and television.

Her fame and talent have attracted interest elsewhere as well. She received the Mnet Asian Music Awards’ Best Asian Artist award in 2012 and the MTV Europe Music Awards’ Best Southeast Asian Act award in 2014.

In addition, Sarah Geronimo received awards in 2016 for Best Asian Performer at the Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards and Best Selling Filipino Artist at the 22nd World Music Awards.

Finally, Sarah has contributed significantly to the music business and the promotion of culture in addition to her accomplishments. She was recognized for her long influence on Philippine television by being inducted into the Anak TV Hall of Fame in 2013.

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