Who Is Deva Cassel Boyfriend Luca Salandra? Dating And Relationship Timeline

Deva Cassel is in a relationship with her boyfriend, Luca Salandra, and they have been together for almost two years. Read the article to learn more about Deva Cassel Boyfriend details.

Deva is an 18 years old model and actress and the daughter of Hollywood acting royalty Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel. She recently entered the acting business through an Italian drama, “The Beautiful Summer.”

As Deva is a model, she has modeled for brands such as Dolce & Gabbana and debuted in the Alaia Summer Fall 2023 collection.

Deva is young and developing skills. Thus, the future is bright for her. The world anxiously anticipates her next moves as she develops her gift and solidifies herself as a multidimensional talent.

Deva is well-positioned to leave a lasting impression on the modeling and acting sectors and the entertainment industry, thanks to a mix of innate skill and determination.

Apart from her professional career, let’s learn about Deva Cassel boyfriend.

Who Is Deva Cassel Boyfriend, Luca Salandra?

Deva Cassel boyfriend is Luca Salandra, a male fashion model. He has drawn notice for his particular style and alluring androgynous appeal on the catwalk.

They were together on several occasions, and Deva even uploaded an Instagram image with Luca on her official account, sparking rumors that they were dating.

Deva Cassel Boyfriend
Deva Cassel Boyfriend, Luca (Source: Amica)

His distinctive appearance and capacity to push limits have contributed to Luca Salandra’s prominence in fashion.

He has attracted the attention of both modeling agencies and designers due to his distinctive features and capacity to embody both masculine and feminine styles seamlessly.

By working with well-known companies like Leonard and appearing in GMARO Magazine, Luca has cemented his status as a sought-after male model.

Deva and Luca have been dating for almost two years, but they have kept their relationship somewhat discreet, only sometimes posting together on social media.

They may have decided to maintain some privacy to protect their private life from the media attention that frequently comes with being in the spotlight.

Deva Cassel and Luca Salandra are both still making waves in the fashion world, and the rumors of a connection between them add to their intrigue.

Their relationship exemplifies how love and fashion interact, whether helping one other’s careers in the background or spending time together. What is ahead for this gifted and fashionable pair excites fans and admirers.

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Deva Cassel Dating And Relationship Timeline

The brilliant Actress and model, Deva Cassel’s relationship with male fashion model Luca Salandra has been the topic of rumors.

There have been several reports of the two of them together, demonstrating their relationship.

In addition, Cassel uploaded an Instagram post with Salandra on her official account, providing insight into their relationship.

Deva Cassel Boyfriend
Deva Cassel, Daughter Of Monica Bellucci And Vincent Cassel. (Source: Instagram)

Deva Cassel’s outstanding career trajectory and range of skills have cemented her place as a leading personality in the fashion business and beyond.

Her artistic genes run deep because she is the daughter of renowned actresses Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel.

Deva has established herself as a socialite and social media influencer in addition to her lucrative modeling career.

She has a sizable following because of her alluring personality and exciting material, which empowers her to influence and affect trends in the digital sphere.

She has expanded her portfolio by using her entrepreneurial flair to take on numerous commercial ventures.

Deva has worked with prominent modeling agencies and attracted the interest of global fashion fans.

Her work with the Dolce Shine company, where she is their ambassador, exemplifies her capacity to encapsulate a brand’s essence and create a lasting impression.

Additionally, her recent appearance in the Alaa Summer Fall 2023 collection cemented her reputation as a sought-after model with a bright future.

Deva Cassel Dating History

There is no other information regarding Deva’s past dating life. The only available information is that she is in a two years relationship with Luca Salandra.

Deva has chosen to keep the details of her previous relationships private to retain her independence and concentrate on her professional and personal development.

Given her rising popularity in the modeling and acting fields, it is a sense that she would give priority to her career.

Deva Cassel Boyfriend
Model, Deva Cassel (Source: Instagram)

Despite her love life being a secret, her professional life is wide open. Deva hasn’t limited her success to the fashion industry; she has also tried acting.

She has demonstrated her talent in well-known movies like “La bella estate” and “The Leopard,” demonstrating her flexibility and acting potential.

Deva Cassel’s diversified professional history exemplifies her tenacity, adaptability, and natural skill.

She has carved out a distinctive route for herself with the help of her unique ancestry, making a lasting impression in the fashion and entertainment sectors.

Her influence and impact will undoubtedly grow as she develops and pursues new opportunities. Deva’s supporters accept her decision to keep her previous relationships secret and support her in all her professional undertakings.

Her perseverance and passion are a tribute to her dedication to success as she advances further in her profession.

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