Who Is Evelyn Jean-Louis, Jimmy Jean-Louis Wife? Wikipedia And Age

Jimmy Jean-Louis is a Haitian-French actor and philanthropist, but now the fans are asking about Jimmy Jean-Louis Wife, Evelyn Jean-Louis. 

Jimmy’s well-known performance was as “The Haitian” in the television series “Heroes.” Jean-Louis emigrated to Paris, France, at an early age after being born in Pétion-Ville, Haiti.

Louis started performing in the 1990s after completing his schooling in France, specializing in French movies and television.

His portrayal of “The Haitian,” a figure with the potential to block other people’s powers and erase memories, earned him international acclaim in the popular American TV series “Heroes.”

Likewise, he was a frequent guest star on the program and quickly won over the audience.

Moreover, there’s always been a lot of buzz on the internet regarding Jimmy Jean-Louis Wife. Discover the little-known partner of Jimmy in this article.

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Who Is Jimmy Jean-Louis Wife?

Jimmy Jean-Louis Wife is Evelyn Jean-Louis. The two have been together for more than two decades. Together, they have 3 kids.

However, Evelyn is relatively private, with no exposure to the media and the spotlight.

Jimmy Jean-Louis Wife
In the mid-1990s, he was also seen in the music videos of stars like George Michael, Seal, and Mariah Carey. (Source: Instagram)

It is known that Jimmy Jean-Louis Wife is very private and does not appear to share much information about herself publicly. This may be why little information about Jimmy Jean-Louis’ Wife is available on the internet.

Jimmy moved to Paris to pursue a career in modeling at a very young age. While in Paris, he was able to work for and with some renowned personalities such as Valentino and Gianfranco Ferré.

Eventually, he moved and settled in Los Angeles, where he was given small roles in Arliss and The Bourne Identity.

Evelyn Jean-Louis Wikipedia

Eveyln is known as Jimmy Jean-Louis Wife. Her maiden name is Evelyn Duncan.  She has not yet been recognized enough for her dedicated Wikipedia page.

She resides in Los Angeles but is from Seychelles. She has three children named Thevi, Jasmin and Kyra with her partner Jimmy. Sadly the parents of three lost their son, Thevi, to cancer.

While her husband is a renowned actor, Evelyn works as a producer. She demonstrated her talent for bringing compelling stories to life by working as a producer on the 2019 movie “Rattlesnakes.”

Jimmy with Evelyn in the Golden Globe Awards 2020.
Jimmy with Evelyn in the Golden Globe Awards 2020. (Source: Instagram)

Evelyn Jean-Louis maintained her illustrious career in 2016 as the producer of the film “Everything But a Man,” which explores complicated relationships and personal development.

She also worked as a producer on “Jimmy Goes to Nollywood” (2015) with Jimmy Jean-Louis and Martin Turner, offering perspectives on the thriving Nigerian film industry.

The fact that Evelyn Jean-Louis served as a producer on 2010 short “Haiti 1653” further demonstrates her commitment to telling compelling stories. Her contributions to these projects demonstrate her enthusiasm for creating engrossing screenplays.

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Evelyn Jean-Louis Age Gap

Evelyn was born on February 20. However, Evelyn’s actual birth date is still unknown.  She is supposedly in her mid-thirties.

On the other hand, Jimmy Jean-Louis was born on August 8, 1968, in Pétion-Ville, Haiti.

Along with her husband, Jimmy Jean-Louis, successful producer Evelyn Jean-Louis has made a significant impact on a number of movies.

Evelyn with her kids in View Park-Windsor Hills
Evelyn with her kids in View Park-Windsor Hills. (Source: Instagram)

On the other hand, Jimmy has acted in several other movie and television productions besides “Heroes.” Among his best pieces are “Tears of the Sun,” “Phat Girlz,” “Joy,” and “Arrow.”

He also appeared in French-language movies, including “One Love” and “Sinking Sands.”

Jimmy Jean-Louis is constantly interested in charity activity in addition to his acting profession.

He established the Hollywood Unites for Haiti Foundation to aid in the relief efforts and aid in the nation’s reconstruction after the tragic earthquake in Haiti in 2010. He continues to support Haiti and take part in numerous philanthropic endeavors.

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