Who Is John McCarthy Wife Anna Ottewill? Journalist Family

John McCarthy wife, Anna Ottewill is a BBC photographer. The couple have been together since the year 1999. Keep reading to gain insights about this aspect of his life.

John Patrick McCarthy is a British journalist who will be years old in 2024, born on November 27, 1956.

McCarthy, known for his roles as a journalist, writer, and broadcaster, faced the harsh Lebanon hostage crisis, enduring over five years as the United Kingdom’s longest-held captive.

Having attended Lochinver House School and Haileybury and Imperial Service College in Hertfordshire, John pursued American Studies at the University of Hull.

McCarthy, employed by United Press International Television News, was kidnapped by Islamic Jihad terrorists in Lebanon shortly after arriving in Beirut in 1986.

Two days after USAF airstrikes on Libya, while being escorted to the airport, his car was blocked by a group of gunmen.

His captivity lasted until August 8, 1991, during which he shared a cell with fellow Irish hostage Brian Keenan.

Throughout this trial, McCarthy discovered that his girlfriend, Jill Morrell, actively campaigned for his release through the establishment of the “Friends of John McCarthy” group.

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Who Is John McCarthy Wife Anna Ottewill?

John McCarthy with his long career as a journalist and his being hostage has gained a lot of followers who are always eager to discover about various aspects of the journalist.

Recently, they have developed a keen interest in knowing about John McCarthy’s wife.

Despite the world’s anticipation that John McCarthy would marry his girlfriend Jill Morrell, who tirelessly campaigned for his release, their relationship drifted apart as he grappled with the trauma of his five-year captivity.

Upon his return to Britain, McCarthy, the former hostage, eventually married his girlfriend Anna Ottewill in a private ceremony at St Mary’s Church in Bepton, West Sussex.

John McCarthy Wife
John McCarthy got married to his girlfriend, Anna Ottewill. (Source: Gettyimages)

Notably, guests at the service included McCarthy’s fellow Beirut captives, Terry Waite, Brian Keenan, Terry Anderson, and their wives.

John and Anna, a BBC photographer, first met in April 1999, and since then, they have been happily living together.

However, the couple does share a good relationship with John’s ex-girlfriend Jill, who invited them both on her 36th birthday where both the ladies blended well together.

Journalist John McCarthy Family Revealed

The interest of the public has also led them to wonder about the family of John McCarthy.

John McCarthy with British nationality was born to his parents who later became a journalist, writer, and broadcaster.

McCarthy was kept hostage for five years from 1986-1991.

While John was in the hostage, sadly his mother, Sheila McCarthy died of cancer in 1989.

John McCarthy Fam
John McCarthy’s mother died of cancer in 1989. (Source: Champions)

John had been chained up in his Beirut cell for three years and she had no idea whether he was alive or dead, in good health or bad, mad or sane.

As John did not have any access to the outside world, he didn’t find out she had died until a year later.

The journalist’s father, whose name is not disclosed has also passed away but the date of his death is not known.

Talking about his children, John and Anna together have two daughters.

However, their names have not been disclosed and has been kept a secret.

The reason why they have not disclosed their child’s details might be a personal reason which must not be invaded.

Although not disclosed, the couple may be invested in nurturing their daughters who might have been grown-ups by now.

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