Who is Katherine Wilder?- Age, Date of Birth, Net Worth, Movies, Instagram

Katherine Wilder is an American actress who has appeared in a handful of movies and television shows. But rather than her prowess as an actress, she is best known for being the daughter of actor, Gene Wilder.

Katherine Wilder age, date of birth
Katherine Wilder is an American actress.

Who is Katherine Wilder?

Upon hearing her name, many hardly believe there is any connection between her with Gene Wilder. But the actress is, in fact, the only daughter- the only child of the legendary actor.

Gene Wilder is widely known for his role as Willy Wonka from the original 1971 movie ‘Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.‘  But what’s more shocking is not, the said actor adopted Katherine.

We think many of you are starting to get curious as well as confused. So, we will let go more in details about Katherine right now.

Katherine Wilder- Short Bio and Family

Just like her life and other information, Katherine’s exact birthdate is also something of a mystery. She was born to her mother, Mary Joan Schutz, and her the name of her biological father is still unknown.

>>Gene Wilder adopted Katherine.

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Later her mother, Mary, started dating actor Gene which resulted in marriage, and that is how young Katherine found a new home and new father. The couple tied the knot on October 27, 1967, and Wilder adopted Katherine that same year.

Divorce and Aftermath

Despite being loved, Katherine’s mother, Mary, doubted Gene, and hence their marriage started to crumble. Moreover, Mary thought Wilder was having an affair with another actress, Madeline Kahn. 

Sadly, the couple parted ways in 1980. Not only did the divorce parted the couple, but it also severed the strong bond that Wilder had with his daughter, Katherine. As a result, Katherine stopped communicating with her father, and the two never reconciled.

Katherine Wilder and Gene Wilder
Gene Wilder with his wife

Years later, Gene wrote his autobiography titled ‘Kiss Me Like a Stranger: My Search for Love and Art’ where he spoke about his daughter, Katherine. Though there was no chance of reading by Katherine, Wilder still asked for her forgiveness.

Unfortunately, this never happened. According to the source, the actor died at the age of 83 in August 2016 without ever seeing his daughter again. At the time of his demise, Wilder was listening to one of his favorite songs, ‘Over the Rainbow’ by Ella Fitzgerald.

Walking on the Same Path as Her Father- Katherine Wilder’s Career

After she cut off her ties with Gene Wilder, Mary and her daughter took off somewhere, entirely away from the public and media alike. For years and years, the mother-daughter duo stayed hidden.

Because of it, there is no prior information when it comes to the life of Katherine Wilder. Anything prior to 2015 is a wasteland: nothing useful and nothing of hers. But it is believed she had a well-brought family and grew up educated.

Likewise, Katherine appeared in from to limelight only in 2015 after she was spotted playing Mopsa in the stage play, The Winter’s Tale. Originally performed at the Kenneth Branagh Theatre, the play was later turned into a movie.

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The following year, Wilder performed in ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ She debuted on-screen from the television show titled Frontier in 2017. Directed by Rob and Peter Blackie, the actress portrayed the role of Chaulk.

Aside from her prominent stars like Jason Momoa, Zoe Boyle, and Landon Liborion, graced the screen.

In the coming years, Katherine kept working with Branagh, back from her Romeo and Juliet days. Next time, the American actress was seen in the movie Murder on the Orient Express, based on the novel by Agatha Christie. Moreover, the movie showed Penelope Cruz and Willen Dafoe in the lead.

Furthermore, some of her other accomplishments as an actress include works like Ready Player One, All Is True, Flesh and Blood, and a few others.

Katherine Wilder’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million.

Despite not being in the entertainment industry for long, Wilder is one of those individuals who has found significant success and, as a result, wealth as well. At the moment, her net worth is assumed to be $5 million. 

It shows that entertainment is all about talent rather than the time spent. Also, in the near future, Wilder is supposed to receive the wealth from Gene Wilder’s wealth.

Is Katherine Wilder married? Is she single?

If you are looking for Katherine’s boyfriend and hoping to find it, then we believe it is a tough task, so you better run back. The super-secretive Katherine has not spilled any tea when it comes to her love life.

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It is equally amazing and terrifying, how there is no news regarding her personal life, dating, scandals, and anything, even remotely related to her. Hence, at the moment, the information on her husband or boyfriend is out of the question. But we are still looking for insights and will update you guys on it.




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