Who Is Katt Williams Adopted Kids? Family Tree

Katt Williams adopted kids were from his ex-wife’s past relationship. The stand-up comedian adopted seven of her kids. The comedian is now the father of 10 kids altogether with only 3 of them being his biological.

Micah “Katt” Williams is an American standup comedian who will be 52 years old in 2024, born on September 2, 1971.

Emmy Award-winning American stand-up comedian and actor Katt Williams has built a diverse career over time.

Williams played notable roles such as Money Mike in “Friday After Next,” contributing to “Wild ‘n Out,” portraying Bobby Shaw in “My Wife and Kids,” lending his voice to A Pimp Named Slickback in “The Boondocks” and Seamus in “Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore,” and depicting Lord Have Mercy in “Norbit.”

Additionally, Katt voiced his character in the 2008 video game “Grand Theft Auto IV.”

Beyond his accomplishments in the entertainment industry, Williams has shared fascinating aspects of his early life, revealing that he achieved literacy at the age of 3 and was proficient in multiple languages, including French and Creole.

As an avid reader, he reminisces about devouring 3,000 non-fiction books annually between the ages of 8 and 12.

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Who Is Katt Williams Adopted Kids? Family Tree Revealed

A piece of news wandering and gaining the public’s attention is about Katt Williams’s adopted kids.

Katt Williams has ten kids, though only one is his biological child.

Expanding his family along with his flourishing career, Katt Williams, with his wife Quadirah Locus, welcomed their son Micah Jr. and adopted seven children from Quadirah’s previous relationship.

Katt Williams Kids
Katt Williams adopted seven kids from his ex-wife’s past relationship. (Source: Medium)

Along the way, Katt welcomed two more kids, taking the total number of his kids to ten.

Motivated by a desire to be a positive influence and give back, Katt shared in an interview that he adopted the children to avoid them entering the foster care system, viewing it as a way to be a friend to God.

Despite his evident parental role, Katt seldom reveals the day-to-day aspects of his life as a father.

This act of Katt Williams has shown how much of a good person he is by heart and the heart of gold that he carries.

Who Are Katt Williams Parents?

Another topic that has made people seek answers is Katt Williams’ parents.

Katt was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S. to his father, John Cornell Williams, and Brenda Louise.

However, despite the public’s developed interest, there is no available information regarding their profession, educational status, or any other details.

Katt Williams Parents
Katt Williams’ parents’ details are not available much. (Source: The Sun)

Keeping one’s details private might be one’s choice because only some people like to keep their life details on public display.

However, we cannot deny that Katt’s parents must have raised him in a good way that has helped him become the good-hearted person he is today.

The reason for opting for privacy is because Katt likes to keep his personal and professional lives away and untouched from one another.

Whatever the reason behind the choice, we must respect people’s privacy without invading it.

If Katt Williams or his parents feel comfortable sharing their details in the future, they will surely do so. Still, until then, as dedicated followers of Katt, we must respect his decision.

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