Who Is Leila Bekhti Mari Tahar Rahim? Meet Her Son Souleymane Rahim

Who is Tahar Rahim, Leila Bekhti Mari (husband)? French actress Lela Bekhti has been recognized as a leading actress in Europe’s entertainment industry for almost two decades. Discover her awesome love life in this article.

Bekhti was born in Issy-les-Moulineaux, France, on March 6, 1984, and is of Algerian heritage. She is praised for her roles in French television and film.

Bekhti’s breakout performance occurred in 2006 when she played the lead in the highly regarded French movie “Sheitan.”

Following that, she made appearances in films including “Paris, je t’aime” (2006), “A Prophet” (2009), and “The Source” (2011). Leila received a lot of positive feedback for her performances, which confirmed her skill as an actor in the French film industry.

With her exposure in the media, fans are now wondering about Leila Bekhti Mari (husband) who is an equally accomplished actor.

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Leila Bekhti Mari – Husband

Tahar Rahim, a fellow French actor, is the spouse of Lela Bekhti. Rahim, who was also born on July 4th, 1981 in Belfort, France, is of Algerian heritage.

He is appreciated and recognized for his roles in both French and foreign films.

When Lela Bekhti and Tahar Rahim were coworkers on the set of Jacques Audiard’s 2009 movie “A Prophet,” they first got to know one another.

Leila Bekhti Mari
Leila Bekhti Mari moved to Paris in 2005 to study drama. (Source: YouTube)

Rahim played the primary part of Malik El Djebena, while Bekhti played the lone female role in the movie. They grew closer both on and off the screen and shortly after the movie’s release, they started dating.

In 2010, the pair made the decision to commit their love to marriage. They maintain a certain level of privacy when it comes to sharing their personal lives on social media.

While they occasionally share glimpses of their relationship, they tend to do so by sharing individual photos of one another, rather than posting pictures together.

Leïla Bekhti, known for her discretion on social platforms, occasionally treats her followers to glimpses of her husband, Tahar Rahim.

Leila Bekhti Son – Souleymane Rahim 

Since their union, they have proudly raised three kids.  They celebrated the births of their first child, a male named Souleymane, in 2017 and their second child, a daughter, in 2020, and their third child in 2021.

Lela Bekhti and Tahar Rahim are both well-known actors in the French film business, but they want to keep their personal life secret.

Particularly Bekhti keeps a low profile on social media and hardly ever posts anything about her private life, such as images or references of her spouse and kids.

Leila Bekhti Mari.
Leila and Tahar in an award function a few years ago. (Source: Youtube)

The couple’s mutual love of performing and their Algerian origin have surely strengthened their relationship, despite their wish for anonymity.

While valuing their time spent as a family, they continue to pursue their individual jobs in the entertainment world.

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Leila Bekhti Wikipedia Bio

Throughout her career, Lela Bekhti has worked with prominent filmmakers and performers. She has frequently collaborated with director Jacques Audiard; examples include “A Prophet” and “The Sisters Brothers” (2018).

Additionally, Bekhti has acted in films including “All That Divides Us” (2017), “The World Is Yours” (2018), and the Netflix series “The Eddy” (2020). Bekhti has performed in a number of French television shows in addition to her film work.

Moreover, she acted in a number of well-known television shows, including “La Loi de…” (2013–2018) and “Midnight Sun” (2016). She is still a well-known and busy actress in the French entertainment sector.

Leila Bekhti Mari
Leila and Tahar share a huge fan following in France. (Source: YouTube)

For her performances, Lela Bekhti has won numerous honors, including nominations for the César Awards, which recognize exceptional accomplishments in French cinema.

On the other hand, Leila Bekhti Mari (husband) is no different. Due to Tahar Rahim’s brilliance, he has received numerous nominations and accolades over the course of his career.

In addition to receiving praise from critics, he has also been honored by major organizations including the European Film Awards, Venice Film Festival, and Cannes Film Festival.

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