Iya Aje: Who Is Oladips Mother? Wiki And Age

Who is Oladips mother? How is she responding to his tragic death? Learn everything about the rapper’s death, including his mental health.

The sudden demise of Nigerian rapper Oladips, whose real name is Oladipupo Olabode Oladimeji, has left a void in the hearts of fans and the music community.

Oladips rose to fame in 2015 after winning the online rap competition “The King is Here.” Likewise, his last single, “Die Young,” was released on October 6.

However, it’s not just the rapper’s life that has captivated public attention. The mysterious figure of his mother has become a topic of discussion following a heart-wrenching incident before Oladips’ passing.

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Iya Aje: Who Is Oladips Mother? Wiki And Age

On November 14th, 2023, at 10:14 PM, Oladips breathed his last, leaving behind a legacy that will forever be etched in the Nigerian music scene.

Prior to his untimely demise, a distressing video surfaced online, depicting the rapper collapsing and being rushed to the hospital during the late hours of the preceding day.

In a social media post, Oladips had expressed concern about the whereabouts of his friend, Abdul Rasheed, aka @onlyonelifetime, indicating that he had attempted to contact him multiple times.

Abdul, clearly distressed, voiced his discomfort about being left alone at home, especially given his condition, though the specifics remained undisclosed.

Who Is Oladips Mother
Oladips’ friend mentioned the rapper’s mother before the announcement of his death. (Source: Kemi Ashefon Love Haven)

What unfolded next was equally heartbreaking. Another video emerged, showing Abdul and another friend crying while carrying unconscious, supposedly dead Oladip to be taken to the hospital.

Likewise, he took to Instagram to reveal that the rapper’s mother opposed her son being taken to the hospital. Shockingly, reports surfaced that she insisted on having her son returned to her care.

Beyond this poignant incident, little is known about Oladips’ mother, Iya Aje. Her name is mentioned, but her identity remains shrouded in mystery.

In the face of such a tragic loss, a mother’s love is truly indescribable, and the pain she is experiencing is palpable. The grieving mother has chosen to keep a low profile, opting for privacy during this incredibly difficult time.

Losing a son at such a young age is undeniably traumatic. While her identity remains veiled, her role in the rapper’s life and final moments will be remembered by many.

Oladips Depression And Mental Health

The Nigerian music industry was plunged into mourning on the evening of November 14th, 2023, with the untimely passing of rapper Oladips.

In an Instagram statement released by the rapper’s management team, the shocking revelation about Oladips’ struggles with mental health came to light.

The statement conveyed a profound sense of loss and sorrow, stating, “We are saddened to inform the general public that Oladipupo Olabode Oladimeji, aka OLADIPS has passed away on Nov. 14 Tuesday evening at exactly 10:14 p.m.”

“We are still in shock as we speak,” it further wrote. It went on to reveal a painful truth about the rapper’s internal battles, indicating that he had been grappling with his demons for over two years.

Who Is Oladips Mother
An official statement released by Oladips’ management team hinted at his deteriorating mental health. (Source: Linda Ikeji’s Blog)

A video that went viral just before his passing showed Oladips in a state of unconsciousness, raising questions about the nature of his internal turmoil.

The fact that Oladips had distanced himself from his friend before being found unconscious underscores the severity of his internal battle.

Remarkably, the unconscious video revealed no signs of physical harm, leading to the unsettling possibility that the talented artist may have taken his own life.

As the world mourns the loss of a gifted artist, it is crucial to use this moment to reflect on the importance of mental health support and destigmatization.

May Oladips find peace, and may his passing inspire a broader dialogue about mental health, ensuring that no one else in the industry feels compelled to suffer in silence.

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