Who Is Silent Servant Wife Camella Lobo? Kids And Family Details

Who is Silent Servant wife Camella Lobo? John Juan Mendez was an American techno DJ and music producer who went by the name Silent Servant on record.

Mendez, an LA native who has been involved in electronic music for more than 30 years, is most renowned for being a part of the groundbreaking techno group Sandwell District, which also includes Regis, Female, and Function.

In 2011, following the breakup of Sandwell District, Mendez, Regis, and James Ruskin started the Jealous God label, which saw the release of albums by artists such as Varg, Phase Fatale, and Black Merlin.

Labels including Hospital Productions, BITE, and Cititrax released Mendez’s music. November EP In Memoriam, which was released through Tresor, was his last solo album.

After his death people are curious to know more about Silent Servant wife Camella Lobo and other details regarding his personal life. 

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Who Is Silent Servant Wife Camella Lobo? Kids And Family Details

Silent Servant wife was Camella Lobo. They divorced after getting married for some time.

Although they were married, they never revealed the details regarding their personal life on media.

She mentioned on her site that she plans and writes content for digital products and experiences. Sometimes she writes for magazines and sometimes she writes for herself.

She lives and works in LA. She made music in a project called Tropic of Cancer. She occasionally plays records for her friends and strangers on NTS Radio.

Silent Servant Wife
Silent Servant Wife, Camella Lobo is a content designer. (Source: i-D)

She also mentioned in her LinkedIn that she a product and user-experience-focused Content Designer with a 12-year background in core digital Content Design and Content Strategy.

Together with his ex-wife Camella Lobo, he formed Tropic of Cancer and produced two critically acclaimed singles on Downwards and an EP on Blackest Ever Black.

He also took over art direction for Sandwell District and found time to work with O’Connor on the incredible Sandra Electronics 10′′ song, “It Slipped Her Mind.”

Mendez’s current partner’s name is Simone Ling.The details regarding Silent Servant wife and kids are not much available on the internet. 

Silent Servant Family Details

His family and personal life intrigue people. He knows how to keep his private life under wraps!

He hasn’t mentioned much about his family, despite the fact that people are curious about him. It is a small secret that he harbors to his close circle only.

He is renowned for maintaining his privacy. Therefore, it’s unknown about his parents and siblings information.

He was raised in Los Angeles after being born in Central America, where he was exposed to music from bands like The Smiths, The Cure, New Order, My Bloody Valentine, and Sonic Youth.

At the age of sixteen, he began DJing. He first got in touch with Regis in 1999, who was the man behind the Downwards Records label in Birmingham.

He joined Regis’s Sandwell District collective and together they released several singles in the 2000s. Mendez served as the art director for Sandwell District.

Career Details Of Silent Servant

The techno DJ and producer John Juan Mendez, better known by his stage name Silent Servant, passed away in Los Angeles.

Mendez’s management, Triangle Agency, announced the news of his passing earlier today (January 19), although they withheld the cause of death.

Silent Servant Wife
May Silent Servant’s soul rest in peace. (Source: Ra)

The musician Luis Vasquez, better known as The Soft Moon, and Mendez’s partner Simone Ling are also thought to have died in the same incident.

Mendez, a well-known figure in the techno scene, was scheduled to perform live many times this year with Sandwell District, a group consisting of Regis, Function, and himself. 

For more than 30 years, Mendez had been creating and performing techno music; in 1998, he released some of his early works under the name Jasper.

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