Woo Do Hwan Plastic Surgery Before And After: Did He Undergo Surgery? 

Korean celebrities often become the talk of the town because of their facial modification. Recently, a question has been raised regarding Korean actor Woo Do Hwan Plastic Surgery. Did he really undergo plastic surgery?

Woo Do Hwan is a South Korean Actor who is known for his fierce and gentleman acting roles in the television series. His Duality has gained him fans from all over the world. 

Do Hwan is mainly known for his roles in the television series: The King: Eternal Monarch (2019), Tempted (2018), My, country: The New Age (2019), The Divine Fury (2019), and Save Me (2017). 

He is famous for his acting and the good chemistry blend with his co-star in the series. Do Hwan debuted in 2011 with his special appearance in the drama “Come, Come, Absolutely Come”. Similarly, his first lead role was in the 2017 series “Save Me.”

The actor graduated from Dankook University, majoring in performance and film. Similarly, Do Hwan is under KeyEast Entertainment, his confirmed series schedule and his news statements are managed by the KeyEast Company. 

For the actor’s wonderful acting, he received the Best New Actor Award in 2017 for his role in “Mad Dog.” Similarly, he also received the “Excellence Award” for his role in “Tempted.”

Woo Do Hwan Plastic Surgery Before And After

Fans are raising questions regarding Woo Do Hwan’s plastic surgery after his military service. On July 6, 2020, Do Hwan began his mandatory military service and was discharged in 2022 after two years of assistance.

His facial feature has been changed after military service. Maybe that’s why he is getting questioned about plastic surgery.

In the interview with 1st Look, Do Hwan talked about his changed life after his military experience.

Woo Do Hwan Plastic Surgery
Woo-Do Hwan explained that his life changed after his military experience. (Source: Soompi )

During the photo shoot, Woo Do Hwan showed off his sporty side executing his boyish and manly charms.

The actor added that his military exercise has made him bulky, changing his facial features and looks.

Prior to his acting career, Woo Do Hwan worked hard to lose weight and underwent a strict diet to gain artistic charm.

When we compare his photo at his career starting phase with the picture in his 30s, anyone will remark on him having plastic surgery.

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Did Woo Do Hwan Undergo Plastic Surgery? 

There is not any official information about Woo Do Hwan’s plastic surgery. The actor has not made any statement regarding it.

According to the media outlets, Do Hwan had to lose weight and maintain his diet for his flawless skin. However, the actor has claimed that he never underwent surgery and is working hard to maintain his charm which is loved by his fans.

In Korea, double eyelids are a popular form of plastic surgery. Many actors, singers, and idols have undergone double eyelids plastic surgery to be liked by the fans. 

Meanwhile, Do Hwan has been praised for his monolid eyes. He shows off his duality in acting with his eyes and fans love his cold and feline-like sharp eyes when he is serious and charming when he laughs.

Woo Do Hwan Plastic Surgery
Woo Do Hwan is loved by his fans for his duality. (Source: Instagram )

In an interview, when he was asked about doing plastic surgery, he said, “Fans are in love with my puppy eyes; there is no need for plastic surgery.”

Besides this, actor Do Hwan prioritizes using nurturing oils and creams to enhance his natural face gloss. This might be the reason that he has not admitted to undergoing plastic surgery.

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