Xo Kity Lana Condor Weight Loss Journey: Before And After Photos

Lana Condor is a Netflix sensation, and her weight loss journey has amazed and motivated many of her fans. Read the article to know more about Lana Condor Weight Loss.

Lana had starred in several Netflix productions, including the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy and the spin-off series XO, Kitty, where she did not reprise her role as Lara Jean Song Covey.

Furthermore, she starred in the Netflix series Boo, Bitch, where she played Erika Vu, a high school senior who became a ghost influencer. In addition, to starring in the movie, she also worked as an executive producer.

Overall, the star is a very hard-working and dedicated woman who has built a name and saved herself a spot in the entertainment business, so without wasting time, let’s learn about Lana Condor Weight Loss Journey.

Xo Kity Lana Condor Weight Loss Journey

Lana Condor has bravely shared her experiences with her struggles with eating disorders and body dysmorphia. She has been frank and truthful about the difficulties these issues caused her.

Lana talked about how her physical hardship changed her appearance and contributed to her weight gain. These issues were the trigger for her weight gain.

Lana Condor Weight Loss
Lana Condor has openly addressed her eating disorder. (source: Instagram)

She said in an interview, ” I know what it’s like to have an eating disorder and body dysmorphia- and also what it’s like to be a friend to someone who has that.”

Condor further added, “I think its time to give people comfort. You have to eat. You have to stop thinking that a certain body shape is ideal because it’s not.”

She has even shared that her eating disorder inspired Lana to have an amicable relationship with food instead of criticizing herself and her carvings.

Moreover, she stated, “That’s why I post about every meal I eat.” This proved true on Elle Canada’s photoshoot set as Lana shared the lunch with her followers.

Likewise, she even emphasized that whenever she looked at her friends, she thought, “You’re F****ing gorgeous.” whereas she assumed her friends were ashamed of her physic. Lana also thought these perceptions were pushed within the film industry, which has been cruel to women.

Finally, due to her dedication, she has lost a lot of weight and gained a fantastic body. Moreover, her acting skill and inspiring weight loss journey definitely helped her gain a few followers on Instagram.

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Lana Condor Before and After Photos

Lana Condor thanked her parents and partner for helping her with her weight-loss goals. She realized how crucial it had been to balance her eating and physical activity routine.

Lana Condor recently shared a message encouraging body positivity on Instagram stories. She said that she had previously been afraid to upload images of herself in a bikini. She now sees things more optimistically, though.

Lana Condor Weight Loss
Lana Condor Before and After her Weight Loss. (Source: DailyMail)

Despite how it looked, Lana said that her body is her “safest home” and emphasized the importance of celebrating one’s body.

Lana’s statements emphasize the importance of accepting oneself and one’s body for what it is. She urges people to value and adore their bodies regardless of society’s expectations or demands.

It sends a strong message of self-love and empowers people to feel at ease and secure in their skin.

Lana’s appreciation of her parents and partner is an important reminder of having a support network while starting a personal journey like weight reduction. Their assistance and encouragement likely significantly impacted her progress and overall well-being.

Lana Condor Diet And Workout Routine

Lana Condor maintains a healthy balance between eating right and exercising. She likes to try different foods and gets bored if she eats the same thing repeatedly.

Lana occasionally makes her food and doesn’t typically plan her meals. In addition, her partner also cooks for her sometimes.

Lana Condor Weight Loss
Lana Condor was an executive producer for Boo Bitch. (Source: instagram)

The Netflix actress stopped her exercise and diet routine during the pandemic; however, she realized the need to remain active after some time. She decided to work out again. During that period, she used to have virtual training with her trainer.

She stated that her routine mainly consisted of aerobic and high-intensity training (HIT), aiding her stamina maintenance and fitness.

Finally, Lana manages her general health by balancing her eating and exercise routines. She likes to try different things and makes sure her meals are varied.

She also acknowledges the need to maintain a healthy level of physical activity and has included virtual exercises in her regimen. Lana is an excellent role model for others since she is dedicated to maintaining her health and caring for herself.

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