Yehudit Weiss Family: Meet Her Husband Shmulik Weiss And 4 Kids

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Yehudit Weiss was an Israeli citizen who resided in Be’eri, southern Israel. On 7 October 2023, she was abducted by Hamas terrorists and kept hostage.

Apparently, Yehudit Weiss was a sixty-four-year-old woman who was battling for her life against cancer. She had been a regular at the hospital for several months.

Similarly, the Yehudit Weiss family also contacted the Red Cross for urgent treatment. In between all these, Hamas attacked Israel, and she was abducted from her own home in Be’eri.

On 16 November 2023, the body of Yehudit Weiss was found by the Israel Defence Force (IDF) in a building near Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. It is the place where Hamas had kept the hostage after the attack.

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Yehudit Weiss Family: Husband Shmulik Weiss Was Murdered

Yehudit Weiss was married to a lovable gentleman Shmulik Weiss. The couple had been living in their sweet home in Be’eri, southern Israel.

Yehudit and Shmulik Weiss were the parents of five children and are proud of their achievements. Yehudit Weiss was living her retirement life and enjoying the days with her husband until the war happened.

When the Hamas terrorist group attacked Israel on 7 October 2023, the Yehudit Weiss family scattered and detorted forever.

Yehudit Weiss’s husband, Shmulik Weiss was initially claimed missing, and two weeks after the attack, it was revealed that he was killed in their own home safe room.

Yehudit Weiss Family
In figure: Yehudit Weiss and her husband Shmulik Weiss. (Source: Facebook)

The Hamas first killed Yehudit Weiss’s husband Shmulik Weiss in front of her eyes and then they abducted her as a hostage.

Yehudit Weiss’s husband was a rabbi-a Jewish scholar and teacher who teaches Jewish Law. Shmulik Weiss was appointed as a Jewish religious leader of Be’eri and was respected in the area.

When Yehudit Weiss was abducted she lived in grief and pain of losing her husband and in the terror of her death.

However, not long after Yehudit also died, and left her children and loved ones in profound grief. It is unclear whether Yehudit was killed in captivity or was taken dead from her home by terrorists, as her body was found in a dismantled building.

Yehudit Weiss Family: Her Children Are Safe In Refugee Camp

Yehudit Weiss and her husband, Shmulik Weiss, lost their life surviving the fatal attack and capitation of the Hamas group.

However, their children managed to save themselves from the brutal conditions. According to the reports, Yehudit Weiss’s kids, Giora, Asaf, Omer, and Daniel, are safe and sound with their family.

Yehudit Weiss’s children live in Kibbutz, Be’eri. They lived apart from their parents in their own homes with partners and children.

After the attack, Yehudit Weiss and her husband Shmulik Weiss were in the safe room of their house; they wrote in the family WhatsApp group, ” We are Okay, and we love you.”

Yehudit Weiss Family
In figure: Yehudit Weiss with her family. (Source: Facebook)

But, after that, neither another message received nor the phone calls were answered. After Yehudit Weiss’s children stayed in a protected space, they got to know that their father was brutally murdered and their mother was captivated as a hostage.

Until the morning of Thursday, 16 November 2023 Yehudit Weiss family was tensed about her, captivated and praying for her safe return.

However, when IDF called them about Yehydit’s body found near the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaxa city, their whole world crumbled at once.

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