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The Middle, Clarity, Stay, Good Things, Happy Now are some outstanding hits of all time. Zedd is a fantastic DJ, songwriter, and singer who has been producing such a masterpiece and making tons of money from it. Hence there is no doubt that Zedd net worth is something we can not count on fingers.

Zedd Net Worth, height
Zedd is a record producer, songwriter, and a DJ

But this article will let you have an insight into how much he is making every year. Get ready to hear the jaw-dropping amount of money that DJ and songwriter make from their music.

Some Quick Facts About Zedd

Full Name Anton Zaslavski
Net Worth $45 million
Date of Birth  September 02, 1989
Marital Status Single
Birthplace Saratov, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Ethnicity White
Profession Record producer, DJ, musician, model
Nationality Russian
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Dark Brown
Build Slim
Height 5 ft 8½ in or 174 cm
Weight 67 kg or 148 lbs
Body Measurement N/A
Online Presence Instagram, Twitter
Horoscope Virgo

Zedd Net Worth

This Russian DJ has collaborated with singers such as Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and tours around the globe to make people dance in his music. He is best known for electro house, progressive house, classical music, dubstep, and many more.

Zedd Net Worth
Zedd Net Worth in 2020 is $45 million

Due to his hard work, Zedd’s net worth has been increased to $45 million in 2020. In 2018, this celebrity bought a home in Los Angeles worth $16 million.

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The property was itself a masterpiece and had some peculiar features. It had large walls made up of glass and minimalist architecture. Surprisingly he has installed a custom Skittles machine in the hallway.

Zedd Girlfriend

One of the most memorable cute romantic couples of all time award surely should go to Zedd and Selena Gomez. They were a thing way back in 2015 and met on the recording studio. The DJ was going to take a leak while he encountered Gomez, and head of the Interscope Records introduced them. Next thing we know, they released a song named I Want You To Know.

Zedd Net Worth, Girlfriend
The cutest couple of all time Selena Gomez and Zedd

The lovey-dovey couple was often seen attending Oscars parties. However, that had a negative impact on the songwriter’s life. After his name got linked with Can’t Keep My Hands to My Self singer, he was stalked, and his friends were being hacked. For him, it was a scary experience, and somehow Zedd felt powerless. He told the media that,

“No matter how big the scandal is, no matter how insane Donald Trump tweet is, it just keeps going. You feel powerless, and that’s terrible to me. Take that to a bigger scale, and you end up in North Korea, where people are slaves of their own country.”

Soon they parter with each other, and the same year the Russian star was rumored to be dating Nina Dobrev. In 2016, his name was also linked with Bryana Holly after they had a Disney Trip.

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They seemed to be having quite a quality of time. However, after his link up with Gomez, Zedd has not been so much open about his life.

Zedd Short Bio

This talented DJ grew up in Saratov, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union. He was born to father Igor Zaslavski and mother Marina Vladimirovna Zaslavskaya. He spent her childhood with older brother Arkadi Zaslavski and younger brother Daniel Zaslavski.

Moreover, his real name is Anton Zaslavski. Before entering the music industry, he changed his name to Zedd to sound much cooler and fancier. At first, it was the pronunciation of the letter “Z” as Zed and added the initial of his surname.

Age, Height and Body Measurement

Zedd was born on September 2, 1989, and is Russian. Currently, he is 31 years old and has a star sign of Virgo. He is slim, lanky, and stands tall at 5 feet 8.5 inches.

Zedd Net Worth age
Zedd has lost the hearing power in his left ear

His bodyweight is 67 kg, which converts to 148 pounds. His sparkling blue eyes are a game changer and have dark brown hair. What’s surprising is the fact that despite being a DJ, he has lost hearing in his left ear.


In the year 2019, this DJ was permanently banned from China. According to the source, Zedd liked a tweet which was related to South Park (an animated sitcom that criticized China).

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Zedd Songs

This 31 years old songwriter stepped into the industry in 2012 with an album named Clarity collaborated with Foxed. In an instant, he rose to fame and started releasing one hit after another. Some of his other masterpieces are;

  • Stay
  • The Middle
  • Good Thing
  • I Want You to Know
  • Happy Now
  • Beautiful Now
  • Stay the Night
  • 365
  • Ignite
  • Get Low
  • Find You
  • Papercut
  • Spectrum
  • True Colors
  • Addicted to a Memory
  • Done with Love
  •  Illusion
  • The Legend of Zelda
  • Follow You Down
  • Candyman
  • Slam the Door
  • Daisy
  • Shave It
  • Transmission
  • Lost at Sea
  • Stache
  • Fall Into the Sky
  • Push Play
  • Straight Into the Fire
  • Adrenaline


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