2PM’s Ok Taecyeon Confirmed To be in a Relationship- Congratulations!!

Is it because of some new trend or something else, but K-pop idols these days are becoming more and more open about their relationships? After TVXQ’s Changmin, 2PM‘s Ok Taecyeon is the recent celebrity who is confirmed to be in a relationship.

2PM's Ok Taecyeaon confirmed to be in a relationship
2PM’s Taecyeon, Main Rapper, Actor, Entrepreneur

On June 23, media outlets confirmed Taecyeon was dating a non-celebrity. Moreover, the couple was spotted dating at a ranch in Pyeongchang, Gangwon Province.

Similarly, his label 51K confirmed the news and released an official statement today.

“It’s true Taecyeon is currently in a relationship with a non-celebrity. We are careful about saying anything as this is his personal privacy, and his girlfriend is not a celebrity.”

This part of the label is commendable considering how hectic the fan situation is in the South Korean entertainment industry.

Similarly, just last year, Ok Taecyeon was officially discharged from the military at Illsan in Gyeonggi Province.

How are fans reacting to the news?

Fans all around the world are raving about the news; while some are happy about it, some are not. But the 31 years old has been receiving a lot of positive responses compared to the negative ones.

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Nowadays, fans are becoming more open and understanding compared to how they were before. The change is seen as positive and is appreciated a lot by the younger fans.


Who is Ok Taecyeon from 2PM?

With the dating news, many have been swarming to know more about this young artist. For those who don’t know, Ok Taecyeon is a South Korean rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, and entrepreneur. He is also a member of the popular South Korean boy group at 2PM.

Likewise, South Korean-born made his debut from the group in 2008 under JYP Entertainment. Apart from him, the group consists of five other members, Jun. K, Nichkhun, Wooyoung, Junho, and Chansung.

Their former member Jay. Park was excluded from the group after some controversies, which we will talk about later.

2PM's Ok Taecyeaon confirmed to be in a relationship
2PM is a South Korean Boy Group of six members

Moreover, their first single “10 Points out of 10 Points” from their first EP Hottest Time of the Day proved to be a big hit. But it was their second EP 2:00 PM Time For Change that helped them cement their popularity in South Korea.

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As of now, the South Korean group is active in other countries aside from Korea, including Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and so on.

Not to mention, they have released over six albums in total, starting from 2009 to 2016. 





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