Abdul Ezedi Ethnicity: Is He Arabian? Name Origin And Nationality

Abdul Ezedi, a person recently in the spotlight, hails from Afghanistan, and he is being actively searched by the authorized.

Abdul Ezedi, a 35-year-old resident of the Newcastle-upon-Tyne area, is suspected to be acquainted with the mother he assaulted.

Currently considered a sex offender, Abdul Ezedi, also known as Abdul Shokoor Ezedi, is at large after an incident in Clapham that left 12 people injured.

Ezedi faced a sexual offense conviction in 2018, resulting in a suspended sentence from Newcastle Crown Court. Notably, Ezedi had his asylum application rejected. 

Superintendent Gabriel Cameron of the Metropolitan Police revealed in a press conference that Ezedi sustained significant injuries to the right side of his face.

Suspected of a chemical attack hospitalizing a mother and her children, Ezedi is at large, and authorities caution against approaching him.

The assault on the young family occurred in Clapham, South London, on January 31.

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Abdul Ezedi Ethnicity: Is He Arabian?

Abdul Ezedi is reportedly from Afghanistan, a non-Arab country. Therefore, Ezedi’s ethnicity is not characterized as Arab.

To illustrate, although some individuals in Afghanistan may associate with Persian or Turkic identities, the predominant population does not trace its descent to Arab origins.

Abdul Ezedi was captured on CCTV with severe burns after allegedly throwing an alkaline substance at a woman and her two children.

Abdul Ezedi Ethnicity
Abdul Ezedi, reportedly from Afghanistan, is non-Arab, indicating a non-Arab ethnicity (Source: The Mirror)

Superintendent Gabriel Cameron of the Metropolitan Police revealed the extent of Ezedi’s injuries and cautioned against approaching him.

Cameron mentioned that while Ezedi may be known to the police, he is not a resident of London.

The incident, described as a “horrific crime,” occurred in Clapham, South London, resulting in a mother and her daughters sustaining potentially life-changing injuries.

Witnesses reported a violent confrontation in the street, involving a car crash and cries for help, leading to a manhunt for Ezedi.

The victims and Good Samaritans who came to their aid suffered injuries, with police officers also getting injured during the incident.

Ezedi is wanted, and law enforcement encourages anyone who sees him to call 999 immediately.

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Abdul Ezedi: Name, Origin, And Nationality

Regarding Abdul Ezedi’s origin, his specific place of origin remains unclear. The police authorities have not revealed the detailed information about the convict.

In terms of nationality, Ezedi is identified as an Afghan refugee who illegally entered the UK in 2016, concealed in the back of a lorry.

It has been revealed that Abdul Ezedi, a sex offender, was convicted of a sexual offense in 2018 before being granted asylum in the UK in 2021 or 2022 from Afghanistan.

Ezedi was granted permission to remain in the country after a priest attested to his conversion to Christianity, affirming his unwavering commitment to his newfound faith.

Despite facing two prior rejections for asylum, he obtained leave to remain after converting to Christianity.

Abdul Ezedi Ethnicity
Abdul Ezedi, captured on CCTV, sustained burns after allegedly throwing an alkaline substance (Source: Daily Mail)

Ezedi, known to the mother in the targeted attack in Clapham, South London, had traveled from Newcastle and was last spotted on Caledonian Road.

The 31-year-old vulnerable woman and her daughters, aged three and eight, remained hospitalized after the incident.

Onlookers reported witnessing a street altercation between a couple, accompanied by the sound of a car collision, followed by a distress call.

Alkalines, known for their caustic properties in concentrated form, can cause burns and destruction, particularly to organic tissues.

Common household products like Domestos bleach, Vanish, and Brasso metal polish exemplify alkalines.

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