Aberdeen SCT Rebecca Hedderly Obituary And Death Cause: How Did Founder Die?

Rebecca Hedderly Obituary has been trending as everyone wishes she rest in eternal peace, forever remembered for the love she shared with everyone.

Rebecca Hedderly, the founder of Rebecca Hadley Wedding Photography, recently passed away in Aberdeen, Scotland.

As a beloved member of the Aberdeen community, Rebecca leaves behind a legacy marked by creativity, passion, and a deep love for capturing life’s unique moments.

Her unexpected departure has left our community in mourning, with family, friends, and clients struggling to cope with the loss of an exceptional photographer and cherished individual.

Through her lens, Rebecca had the remarkable ability to immortalize fleeting moments, creating lasting memories for countless couples on their wedding day.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, those acquainted with her acknowledged Rebecca for her inspirational nature, kindness, and sincere commitment to her clients.

This elevated her status from a respected professional to a cherished friend. Keep reading further to learn about her death’s cause and obituary details.

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Rebecca Hedderly Obituary And Death Cause

Rebecca Hedderly, affectionately known as Bex, passed away in 2023, leaving a void in the lives of those who knew and loved her.

Born in 1970, her journey was celebrated and remembered during the funeral service held at East Devon Crematorium on Thursday, January 11, 2024, starting at 11:30 am.

The service encouraged attendees to dress in a way that reflected how Bex would have wanted, emphasizing the personal and heartfelt nature of the occasion.

Rebecca Hedderly Obituary
Rebecca Hedderly, the creator of Rebecca Hadley Wedding Photography, passed away in Aberdeen, SCT (Image Source: Otter Valley Funerals)

After the ceremony, a gathering for refreshments and an opportunity to reminisce took place in Budleigh Salterton from 13:00.

Specific location details were provided in the funeral order of service. Recognizing the challenges of attendance, especially for those at a distance, the service was webcast.

A webcast link and PIN were provided for those unable to attend in person, allowing them to virtually participate in remembering and honoring Rebecca’s life.

The community came together not just to mourn the loss but to celebrate the vibrant and cherished existence of a remarkable individual.

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Aberdeen SCT Rebecca Hedderly: How Did Founder Die?

Rebecca Hedderly, founder of Rebecca Hadley Wedding Photography, has passed away in Aberdeen, SCT; however, the specific cause of her death is not disclosed.

In fond memory of Rebecca Hedderly, everyone who knew her took the time to appreciate the artistic brilliance she infused into her photography.

Likewise, her close friends and colleagues also admire the capturing moments shown by Hedderly that will forever hold a special place in everyone’s hearts.

Equally noteworthy are the meaningful connections she forged and the positive impact she left on both her professional and personal spheres.

Rebecca Hedderly Obituary
The specific cause of Rebecca Hedderly’s death is not disclosed (Image Source: Examples)

Rebecca’s ability to create lasting impressions through her lens extended beyond her work, touching the lives of those she encountered.

Our deepest sympathies extend to Rebecca’s family, friends, and the community she served with remarkable skill.

The loss collectively felt is profound, and everyone in the community stands together in support during this difficult time.

Amid sorrow, let us find comfort in the beauty she brought to the world through her art. May the cherished memories of Rebecca serve as a source of solace to all who knew her.

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