Adeleye Dada Dollar Arrested And Charged: Is He In Jail Now?

Pastors are frequently referred to as God’s man and manage religious institutions and lead ceremonies. However, the recent revelation involving Adeleye Dada Dollar has caused widespread shock and led to a loss of respect for him. Is he in jail now?

The teenage daughter of a member was abducted by Pastor Adeleye Dada Dollar, who then raped her and caused her to become pregnant.

Adeleye Dada Dollar, a pastor of Cherubim and Seraphim, has been detained by men from the Ogun State Police Command.

The crime was him ruining the life of Adekunle Kabirat for years of raping and impregnating her. Kabirat’s mother was also a member of the same church.

Clergy members’ duties vary by denomination and tradition, but they usually lead religious services while guiding and supporting their congregation spiritually.

The recent news about Adeleye Dada Dollar has shocked many, tarnishing his reputation. The article here will shed some more light on this matter.

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Adeleye Dada Dollar Arrested And Charged

Adeleye Dada Dollar was arrested and charged for the crime that he destroyed the life of Adekunle Kabirat by raping and impregnating her.

Joke Adekunle, Kabirat’s mother, was also a member of the same church where Dollar served as a pastor.

Speaking to reporters, the victim’s mother, Joke, claimed that on January 8, 2024, Kabirat moved out of the house.

Adeleye Dada Dollar Arrested
Adeleye Dada Dollar was arrested and charged with ruining Adekunle Kabirat’s life (Source: Sophos News)

This happened after she had reprimanded her for misbehaving and asked her not to go to her shop.

Joke claimed that after taking her books out of her bag and packing some of her clothes in the same bag, the Kabirat had left the house when she arrived home in the evening.

Joke claimed that she called her pastor immediately to let him know what was happening, but he did not pick up.

She stated he arrived later and informed her that although he saw her missed calls, his phone was broken, and he was unable to pick up.

Furthermore, Kabirat’s mother claimed that after telling him about the development, she asked him if Kabira was at his house, but he denied having any knowledge about her.

Joke claimed that the preacher in question was present on the day her daughter departed and chastised her for cursing her daughter.

The mother said the clergyman would visit to console her while searching for Kabira. Kabira was found after she called her mother to come and get her.

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Is Adeleye Dada Dollar In Jail Now?

Adeleye Dada Dollar, the pastor, has reportedly been apprehended by authorities from the Ogun State Police Command. Dollar is said to be in the jail now.

The six-month pregnant victim, Adekunle Kabirat, said during questioning that she had been raped by the cleric since 2021.

To illustrate, Kabirat said that the suspect brought her to an incomplete building on the day of the event and sexually assaulted her there.

Adeleye Dada Dollar Arrested
The Ogun pastor Adeleye Dada Dollar has been apprehended for raping the young girl (Source: The Street Journal)

Providing pastoral care to individuals and families is a crucial aspect of being a Pastor in the church. People tend to trust someone who is the preacher of God’s message.

Furthermore, they educate their community on religious principles and beliefs. It is utterly shocking and demeaning to know Dollar did this to a little girl for several months.

During his interrogation, the cleric pleaded for mercy from the world, which was surprising given the heinous and unforgivable nature of his crime.

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