Ajuri Ngelale Wife: Married To A Nigerian Lady, 4 Kids

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As a skilled journalist and competent novelist, Ajuri Ngelale’s literary works demonstrate his enthusiasm for Nigeria’s development.

Ngelale, who most recently assumed the prestigious position of Special Adviser to President Bola Tinubu on Media and Publicity, uses his extensive experience to support the country’s communication strategies.

Furthermore, he has written two significant works, “Struggle for Nigeria’s Soul” and “Buhari: From General to President,” which offer insightful analyses of the country’s political climate and history.

Moreover, Ngelale has a position that allows him to influence significant public debate outside of his work in the government: Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs.

Likewise, he has appeared on television, sharing his knowledge and thoughtful comments on critical societal topics.

Ajuri Ngelale Wife: Married To A Nigerian Lady, 4 Kids

The renowned journalist and political advisor Ajuri Ngelale has preserved his sense of privacy regarding his personal life.

His wife’s and children’s names aren’t publicly known, and there isn’t much information accessible about them.

Despite the absence of verified information, it is known that he is blessed with four children and is happily married to a Nigerian woman.

Ajuri Ngelale Wife
Ajuri Ngelale with his Nigerian wife and children. (Source: newswirengr)

Furthermore, Ngelale publicly discussed his family as he joyfully announced the birth of his fourth kid, a daughter, in one instance.

In a sincere tweet, he thanked God for the secure delivery in Abuja, Nigeria.

Moreover, Ngelale thanked the knowledgeable medical staff for attending to them throughout the momentous occasion.

In addition, as he rejoiced over the birth of their first daughter, he expressed his trust in God’s fidelity in his words.

Even though Ajuri Ngelale’s professional achievements are publicly known, he sensibly prefers to keep his personal life private.

Lastly, by choosing this, he may concentrate on his career as a journalist, author, and political advisor without needless interference in his private life.

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Ajuri Ngelale Family: Parents And Siblings

According to sources, Ajuri was born on November 12th but has not shared his birth year. So, by looking at his pictures and videos, we can assume that he is probably in his mid-30s.

There are conflicting accounts of Ajuri Ngelale’s birthplace. Therefore, little is known about his early life.

Although some sources state that he was born and reared in the United States, others insist that he is a native of Ogoni, a peaceful village tucked away in Nigeria’s Rivers State.

Furthermore, we don’t know much about his immediate family because his mother’s name is unknown.

Ajuri Ngelale Wife
Ajuri Ngelale with his father Osaro Ngelale. (Source: newswirengr)

But since it is known that his father’s name is Osaro Ngelale, it is possible that his parents had a significant influence on his path to success.

Moreover, Ajuri appears to have spent a portion of his formative years in Ogoni, which may have significantly impacted the development of his cultural origins.

Unfortunately, details regarding his siblings are hard to come by, and little is known about them.

Although nothing is known about his family, it is logical to suppose that they were incredibly proud of his accomplishments.

Likewise, they acted as his unshakable support and motivation as he rose to prominence as a journalist, novelist, and political counselor.

Nevertheless, their support may have given him the motivation he needed to succeed in his chosen field and have a beneficial influence on Nigeria’s media and political climate.

Finally, although nothing is known about Ajuri Ngelale’s family, his professional success and commitment to public service have won him respect and adoration.

He continues to be well-known in Nigerian and international circles, making a lasting contribution to the growth and development of the country.

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