Alice Taglioni Mari Accident: Relationship With Laurent Delahousse After Jocelyn Quivrin Death

Alice Taglioni mari accident news is all over the internet and people are curious to know more about it. Alice Taglioni is a famous French actress.

Alice Taglioni is a French actress born on 26th July 1976. In Emont, Val-does, France, she was born. She studied piano at the School of Music Conservative de Paris.

The birthplace of Alice Taglioni is Ermont, Val-d’Oise. She is the daughter of a Lombardy-born Italian father. In 1996, she won the title of Miss Corsica, but she declined to run for Miss France.

She subsequently enrolled in theater classes to get over her timidity. She then became accustomed to drama. Her first film debut was in 2002, while her first TV appearance occurred in 1994.

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Alice Taglioni is an Italian fashion designer who is noted for her diverse and flowing designs.

Alice, a native of Monterotondo, began her professional life as a design assistant before going on to become a successful fashion designer.

Alice began her working life as a salesperson before pursuing her passion for fashion design.

Alice Taglioni Mari Accident news has again piqued the interest of netizens, so be with us till the end to know more about it.

Alice Taglioni Mari Accident: Jocelyn Quivrin Death

Alice Taglioni Mari Accident news is trending online. Actress Jocelyn Quivrin appears in Lisa Azuelos’s LOL (Laughing Out Loud), which airs on Sunday night on W9.

Alongside Sophie Marceau as Anne, Christa Theret as Lola, Lou Lesage as Stéphane, or even Alexandre Astier as Alain, he portrays Lucas.

LOL, which debuted in 2009, is among Jocelyn Quivrin’s final motion pictures. He lost his life in a car accident in the Saint-Cloud tunnel (Hauts-de-Seine) that same year.

At the age of 30, he passed away. In addition to his family, Jocelyn Quivrin also leaves behind Alice Taglioni, his then-partner, with whom he had a son named Charlie, born on March 18, 2009.

Alice Taglioni Mari Accident
Alice Taglioni mari Jocelyn Quivrin died in a car accident. (Source: Yahoo! news)

The latter, who is currently a teenager, lost his father when he was just 8 months old.

Jocelyn Quivrin and Alice Taglioni first crossed paths while making the 2004 movie Grande Ecole. Before death struck her lover in the face, they were deeply in love.

The former partner of Alice Taglioni then struck the tunnel’s left wall squarely before driving into Paris without a roof or windshield.

At that moment, the actor unexpectedly lost control of his two-seat roadster, the Saint-Cloud tunnel.

At the age of thirty, Jocelyn Quivrin was involved in an automobile accident while operating his small racing vehicle, an Ariel Atom.

In fact, on Sunday, November 15, 2009, Alice Taglioni’s old companion tragically passed away.

Alice Taglioni Relationship With Laurent Delahousse

Since 2014, Alice Taglioni and Laurent Delahousse have been together. The actress gave birth to a boy at the end of 2019 after giving birth to a girl in 2016. A retrospective of their covert romance.

The two lovers first connected in 2012 when Alice Taglioni received an invitation to appear on Laurent Delahousse’s 8 p.m. news show on France 2.

She is questioned by the presenter as she arrives to promote the movie Paris-Manhattan.

Alice Taglioni mari accident
Alice Taglioni and Laurent Delahousse have been together since 2014. (Source: Marie Claire)

Their relationship gradually developed into love, and starting in 2014, the pair stopped hiding from one another.

Laurent Delahousse and Alice Taglioni have their first child two years after formally announcing their relationship.

In 2016, Swann, a small girl, was born. The actress shared this lovely picture on her Instagram account in July 2019; it shows her hidden.

Extremely private individuals, the couple stunned everyone on August 25, 2019, when Alice Taglioni showed off her protruding tummy to the public at the Angoulême festival.

She was there to introduce the movie I Would Like Someone Waiting for Me Somewhere.

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