Altina Schinasi Family: Meet Her Parents Laurette And Morris Schinasi

Step into the captivating world of the Altina Schinasi family as we introduce you to her parents, Laurette and Morris Schinasi.

Altina Schinasi, an accomplished American artist, encompassed a diverse range of roles including sculptor, actress, filmmaker, designer, entrepreneur, inventor, and window dresser.

She gained renown for her ingenious creation, the “Harlequin eyeglass frame,” colloquially referred to as cat-eye glasses.

In 1939, Altina was honored with the prestigious Lord & Taylor American Design Award, a testament to her exceptional creativity.

Her distinctive eyeglass frames garnered prominent features in renowned publications such as Vogue magazine.

The inception of her groundbreaking idea stemmed from her encounter with mundane eyeglasses displayed in a store window.

Initial skepticism from companies didn’t deter Altina Schinasi; eventually, her cat-eye frames soared in popularity across the United States.

During the 1930s and 1940s, these frames became a ubiquitous fashion statement, donned by movie stars and fashion icons alike.

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Altina Schinasi Family: Meet Her Parents Laurette And Morris Schinasi

Regarding Altina Schinasi family, Morris Schinasi, Altina’s father, originated from a Turkish Jewish heritage and achieved wealth through the tobacco trade. His birthplace was Manisa, Turkey.

Laurette Schinasi, Altina’s mother, was initially Laurette Ben Rubi and had familial ties to Joseph Ben Rubi, a business partner of Morris.

Laurette was born in Salonica during the Ottoman Empire era. Altinas’ grandparents had relocated to the United States from the Ottoman Empire.

In New York, Morris prospered in the cigarette industry, amassing considerable wealth.

Altina was raised in affluence, residing in an opulent mansion on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

Altina Schinasi Family:
Altina Schinasi’s parents are Laurette And Morris Schinasi. (Source: Twitter)

After Morris Schinasis’ demise in 1928, Laurette Schinasi undertook a journey to Manisa, Turkey, with the aim of founding the Moris Sinasi Children’s Hospital.

The hospital is also known as Moris Sinasi Children’s Hospital, in honor of her late husband’s birthplace, and continues to operate today.

After Altinas’ graduation from Dana Hall, Laurette took Altina and her sister to Paris, where Altina pursued painting under the tutelage of her cousin, RenĂ© Bensussan.

Altinas’ exposure to Bensussan’s art deepened her passion for the craft, prompting her to opt for art school over traditional college upon her return to the United States.

Altina Schinasi Cause Of Death

Altina Schinasi lived until the age of 92, passing away on August 19, 1999, leaving behind a remarkable legacy of creativity and philanthropy.

The specific cause of her death was not immediately available from the provided information.

In a more recent occurrence, Google honored the memory of Altina Schinasi, a US-based designer, with a Google Doodle on Friday, August 4.

Commemorating her 116th birthday this year, Altina was not only a skilled painter but also a filmmaker, entrepreneur, and inventor.

Her career took flight when she collaborated with the renowned Salvador Dali as a window display designer for stores on Fifth Avenue.

Additionally, Altina’s artistic journey included collaboration with George Grosz, a celebrated German artist.

Altina Schinasi Family:
Altina Schinasi passed away at the age of 92. (Source: his)

Throughout her lifetime, Altina Schinasi beautifully combined her artistic abilities with an innovative spirit, shining as both an entrepreneur and inventor.

Her impact on the realms of art, filmmaking, and design left an enduring impression on the creative landscape, serving as a profound inspiration for artists and art enthusiasts worldwide.

While her legacy endures in the iconic cat-eye glasses cherished by style aficionados, it also lives on in the ceaseless inspiration she offers to those who dare to envision, craft, and redefine their own paths.

Her narrative proves the limitless prospects within the pursuit of passion and ingenuity.

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