Anders Breivik Religion: Is He Christian? Ethnicity And Origin

Examine the contentious issue of Anders Breivik religion, investigating inquiries related to his Christian beliefs, ethnicity, and background.

Anders Breivik, a Norwegian extremist with far-right views, perpetrated a terrorist attack in 2011, claiming the lives of 77 individuals.

Employing a car bomb in Oslo, followed by a shooting spree, he killed eight people in the initial blast and targeted 69 others, predominantly teenagers, at a Labour Party youth camp.

Currently serving Norway’s longest sentence of 21 years, Breivik’s term can be extended if authorities deem him an ongoing threat.

The recent focus on Anders Breivik revolves around his legal action against the state, alleging violations of his human rights stemming from what he considers “extreme” isolation.

In 2016, Breivik previously sued the state, contending that it violated the European Convention on Human Rights, emphasizing safeguarding individuals from torture or punishment.

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What Is Anders Breivik Religion? Is He Christian?

The question of Anders Breivik religion has ignited considerable debate, particularly online, where speculation about his Christianity has become a contentious topic.

Initially, in 2011, Breivik himself claimed to be a Protestant, stating, “At the age of 15, I chose to be baptized and confirmed, adding, “I consider myself to be 100 percent Christian.”

However, this proclamation was accompanied by a fervent disagreement with the political stances of most Protestant churches and the Roman Catholic Church.

In a surprising twist in 2016, Breivik asserted a complete disassociation from Christianity, adamantly stating that he had never been a Christian.

During this period, Anders Breivik religion reportedly shifted to Nazism while incarcerated, which was disclosed by his lawyer, Øystein Storrvikthis.

Anders Breivik Religion
Anders Breivik religion is Odinism. (Source: Washington Post)

Despite media portrayals that often labeled Anders Breivik religion as fundamentalist Christian, his online writings contradicted this characterization.

Examining Anders Breivik religion revealed a divergence from Christian principles, with a focus instead on what seemed like an atavistic fear of Muslims and Marxists.

Notably, as part of the Anders Breivik religion, he professed prayers and sacrifices to Odin, aligning himself with the belief system of Odinism.

This shift underscored a departure from mainstream Christianity and illustrated the complexity of his evolving religious identity.

His statements and convictions have introduced complexities into the discussion regarding Anders Breivik religion, causing the public to confront the nuanced details of his spiritual progression.

Find Out: Anders Breivik Ethnicity And Origin

Anders Breivik, born in Oslo on February 13, 1979, emerged within the context of a family history characterized by captivating complexities.

His father, Jens David Breivik, a civil economist of considerable stature, embarked on a diplomatic journey working for the Norwegian Embassy in both London and Paris.

Meanwhile, his mother, Wenche Behring, traversed a tumultuous path in her early years, escaping an abusive environment at the tender age of 17.

In her thirties, Wenche Behring found herself expecting Anders, and in a significant chapter of her life, she tied the knot with Jens Breivik, Anders’ father.

Anders Breivik Religion
As for ethnicity, Anders Breivik is a Norwegian. (Source: NY Times)

Proud of his Norwegian origin and ethnicity, he developed a deep-seated concern for the well-being of Europe.

His perspective took a controversial turn as he expressed alarm about what he termed “demographic Jihad” orchestrated by Islam.

In his writings, Breivik claimed that the survival of Europe was under threat due to Islam’s influence and uncontrolled immigration among Muslims.

According to his beliefs, these factors were transforming the cultural landscape of Europe, ultimately leading to what he considered the conquest of Europe.

Breivik’s convictions on these matters underscored his intense views on the intersection of culture, religion, and identity.

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