Angel Chacon Missing: Ventura Boy Found Safe

A young Juvenile had gone missing in the alley of Ventura family apartment on Ramona Street. Internet was surfing in the news of Angel Chacon missing. Has the little boy been found, or is he still missing? 

Angel Chacon is the eight years old boy who lives in Ventura – a retirement community in Lubbock, Texas. He had gone missing since Sunday evening on July 2, 2023.

He was enjoying his small bike ride around his apartment complex alone but suddenly went missing in the blink of an eye.

After he was reported missing, the Ventura police department immediately started the mission to find Angel Chacon. The neighbors and apartment complex people also shared their resources to find the boy.

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Angel Chacon Missing: Ventura Boy, 8, Last Seen Riding Bike

Angel Chacon has been living in the apartment complex of Ventura for a long time. He shares the house with his parents and his seventeen years old brother.

On July 2, 2023, his parents were out of the home for work, and he was under the care of his older brother.

Two brothers were playing inside their house for some time, then around 3 pm, Angel set out to ride his bike around the alley of the apartment. 

When his brother went out to call Angel around 3:30, he was nowhere to be found. At first, the older brother searched for him around the complex, but when he could not find his younger brother then, he informed the neighbors.

Then, the neighbors and the complex residents started to search for Angel, but all their efforts went in vain.

Angel Chacon Missing
Angel Chacon was missing since 3:30 Pm on Sunday when he was out riding his bike around the apartment complex. (Source: kcur)

After Angel’s mother, Rosa Chacon came home; she called authorities around 8 pm Sunday to report him missing.

Ventura Police Department immediately started searching for the young child, and in the joint search mission with the police, everyone started searching for the eight-year-old boy.

Ventura police department released posts on social media on Angel’s missing news with his details like physical appearance and the dress he wore at that time.

The concerned authorities had spread the news all over the media and the news station around Ventura. The people were requested to call 911 or Angel’s parent’s phone number if the boy was seen somewhere. 

Ventura Angel Chacon Found: Emotional Reunion with Family

Angel Chacon, who went missing on Sunday, July 2, 2023, was reunited with his mother after more than twelve hours.

The news of his reunion with the family was first shared by the Ventura Police Department on Monday morning around 10 am. The police had only revealed the information about the boy’s safety and reunion with his family.

Later, Fox 11 released the reunion video of Angel and Rosa in Live on Good Day LA.

Angel Chacon Missing
Angel Chacon reunited with his family after about 12 hours later. (Source: Foxla)

Apparently, the boy was on a bike path near the apartment complex by 7:30 am. However, it is still unknown how the eight years old child survived the black night. 

For now, the family and Ventura society are thankful for the intense search that was executed by the concerned authorities. 

Rosa Chacon told the media that she is thankful for the Ventura Police Department and every people who helped to find her son Angel Chacon.

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