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Over the years, we have been thankful to the talent shows for letting us know some extraordinary talents. Similarly, we have to thank American Idol for letting the world discover the wonderful Arthur Gunn.

Although being born as Dibesh Pokharel, he is popular with his stage name Arthur Gunn. Similarly, this Nepalese born singer & songwriter from Wichita, Kansas, has been sending shockwaves since auditioning in the famous singing competition.

Gunn has a truly unique and sensational singing style that has got everyone wanting for more. In addition, he mainly performs and sings songs of the Country genre. However, he also has talents to sway you away by playing pop-rock and folk-rock.

arthur gunn age

Dibesh simply means ‘Light’ in Nepalese

In the first sight, nobody would even believe that this laid back and a quiet-looking guy will be able to sing in such a manner. However, you’re all in for a treat once Arthur starts singing and playing his guitar.

Continue reading to get all the information about this fantastic singer. Including Arthur Gunn Birthday, Height, Age, Net Worth, Songs, Social Media Presence, and more.

Quick Facts About Dibesh:

Full Name  Dibesh Pokharel
Stage Name  Arthur Gunn
Age  22 Years
Birth Date  October 24, 1997 
Marital/Relationship Status  Unmarried
Birthplace  Kathmandu, Nepal
Ethnicity  Nepalese
Profession  Singer, Songwriter
Genres  Country, Pop-Rock, Folk-Rock
Nationality  Nepalese-American
Net Worth  Estimated to be more than $50,000 dollars
Height 5 Feet 10 Inches
Years Active  From 2014 – Present
Horoscope  Scorpio

Early Life

Dibesh Pokharel was born in the beautiful and mystical city of Kathmandu in Nepal. Similarly, he was born to mother Maiya and father Datram. In addition, he is also from a large family and has four sisters.

Arthur Gunn age

Talented Artist Gnnn

He does not come from a musical background. However, Dibesh grew up exposed and interested in music. Growing up, Gunn played guitar and sang songs as well. He experimented blending songs and playing with his guitar since he was two.

Later, Pokharel’s family moved to Wichita in Kansas in 2008. However, he joined them later after graduating from high school. In addition, he started taking singing seriously around 2012/2013.

Similarly, he started by playing in pubs, coffee houses, and among gatherings of friends while also recording songs. After moving to the US, Gunn was introduced to country and bluegrass music. After that, he fell in love with it.

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Gunn even traveled and busked in the streets of several cities like New York, L.A, and San Francisco. Similarly, judging from his style, no wonder greats like Bob Dylan and Jimmy Page were his inspirations.

However, it was his fellow musician pls who suggested that he should take a shot at auditions of American Idol.  Similarly, Gunn, knowing that it would be a chance to live his dream, took it.


Dibesh first began recording songs at around 2018. In addition, it was also around the period when he first started using his stage name Arthur Gunn. After starting to take singing seriously at around 2012/13, Gunn began working on his voice.

Arthur Gunn height

Arthur entertaining the masses

Similarly, his mentors also helped him in enhancing his vocals and taught breathing skills. Before, all this The Voice of Sikkim had already recognized him as one of the brightest singing talents in Nepal.

Similarly, he even debuted his first album Grahan in 2018. This album consists of eight songs which were all sung in Nepali language. In addition, Dibesh also has his own YouTube channel, which is growing in subscribers with each day.

American Idol

However, it was since his audition in American Idol in 2019 that the world really knew and fell in love with his singing. His unique, textured, and sandpaper vocals have us all wanting for more.

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Therefore, no matter how his days in American Idol ended, a singing gem was found. Over time, we hope to see Gunn entertain and rise to the elite level of superstardom that we know he can.

Arthur Gunn Birthday, Age & Height

Pokharel was born on the 24th of October in 1997. Arthur Gunn age is still just 22 years. Therefore, we will be enjoying Gunn’s outstanding music for a long long time.

arthur gunn american idol

Enjoying his life!


Physically too, Dibesh has a slim and attractive build. Arthur Gunn height is also a handsome 5 feet 10 inches. Therefore, he not only has the talent but also the physique to perform in the grandest of stages.

Arthur Gunn Net Worth

Dibesh is an artist on the rise. However, his sky-rocketing rise to fame has been nothing but spectacular to watch. Similarly, this promising young singer has already started to earn with his immense talents.

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Arthur Gunn net worth is estimated to be more than $50,000 dollars. However, Gunn is only getting started. Therefore, he is only going to earn a lot more as he guns for bigger and better things in the future.

Who is Arthur Gunn Dating – Personal Life & Relationships

Surprisingly, not a lot has been revealed about Arthur’s dating and love life. In addition, he is an up-and-coming artist who is fully committed in his career at the moment.

                                               Enjoy Gunn’s Nepali Song – MA

Gunn is unmarried and might even be single at the moment. We will surely keep you updated about all the things happening in Gunn’s life. So keep yourselves tunned.

Arthur Gunn Instagram & Other Social Media

Instagram: 219K Followers

Facebook: 109K Followers

Twitter: 15K Followers

YouTube: 253K Subscribers

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