Meet Ashleigh Plumptre Sister Bayleigh Bisi: Family Tree

Ashleigh Plumptre sister: In the intricate branches of the family tree, we unveil the captivating tale of Ashleigh Plumptre and her sister Bayleigh Bisi.

Ashleigh Plumptre, a skilled footballer, assumes the role of a center-back for the Nigerian national team.

Before representing England’s youth teams, she transitioned to the senior Nigeria squad and debuted in February 2022.

In 2013, she took a significant step in her career by joining Birmingham City’s under-17 squad, which allowed her to train alongside the senior WSL 1 team.

Concurrently, she briefly became a part of Derby County’s Centre of Excellence, a team competing in the third-tier FA Women’s Premier League.

Between the ages of eight and 14, she developed her abilities through the club’s youth system, having already begun her journey in soccer by playing for a nearby girls’ team a couple of years earlier.

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Meet Ashleigh Plumptre Sister Bayleigh Bisi

Bayleigh Bisi Plumptre, the younger sibling of Ashleigh Plumptre, is a proficient drummer, with her birthdate recorded on the 26th of May, 2010.

As per her Instagram bio (@bayleighbisi), Bayleigh Bisi is deeply immersed in the world of rock and pop drums.

Her profile is brimming with images of musical instruments, vividly showcasing her unwavering dedication and passion for her musical journey.

It is evident that the young lady’s profound passion for music will undoubtedly lead her to become a remarkable musician in the future.

Ashleigh Plumptre Sister
Ashleigh Plumptre’s sister Bayleigh Bisi Plumptre is profound in drumming. (Source: Instagram)

The close bond between the two sisters is apparent from their shared celebrations of festivals and weekends together.

Moreover, Ashleigh has proudly shared several pictures of Bayleigh, while Bayleigh, in turn, acknowledges Ashleigh as her sister in her Instagram bio.

Their mutual admiration clearly demonstrates how proud they are to have each other in their lives.

Ashleigh Plumptre Family Tree: Who Are Her Parents?

Ashleigh Plumptre hails from a diverse background, with her nationality being British. Her father’s heritage traces back to Nigeria. Conversely, Ashleigh’s mother hails from the United States.

Plumptre’s father was born on June 10, 1970. Last year, in 2020, Ashleigh Plumptre took to her verified Instagram profile to extend warm birthday wishes to her father as he marked his momentous Golden Jubilee, commemorating 50 years of life.

Her paternal grandfather traces his roots to Lagos State in Nigeria, specifically Yoruba heritage.  Regrettably, there is no available information online regarding the names and professions of her father, mother, and grandfather.

Ashleigh appears notably guarded and protective when discussing her family members.

In order to embrace her Nigerian heritage, she decided to join the Nigerian football club, the Super Falcons, as a player. Her desire to play for a meaningful cause and make a difference fuels this decision.

Ashleigh Plumptre Sister
In Frame: Ashleigh Plumptre’s sister Bayleigh Bisi Plumptre and her loving father. (Source: Instagram)

Delving into her roots during the COVID-19 lockdowns, Plumptre discussed her background with her sister, who identifies as black, while Plumptre identifies as mixed heritage.

She said that the majority of people tend to assume her of white ethnicity, but she actually identifies as having a mixed heritage. However, her sister sees herself as black.

These conversations motivated her to establish a strong connection with her Nigerian roots and represent the people she deeply relates to.

Consequently, Plumptre decided to change her international affiliation from England to Nigeria to immerse herself in the culture and enrich her sister’s knowledge about their ancestral background.

She explained that it made her realize that opting for Nigeria would allow her to embrace her heritage more profoundly, and afterward, she could share her experiences and knowledge.

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