BBQ Brawl: Who Is Mike Johnson? Christina Fitzgerald Partner

Mike Johnson is the owner of the award-winning Sugarfire Smoke House. Explore inside to learn more about his family and his partner Christina Fitzgerald.

Chef Mike Johnson is a culinary master with a stellar resume in the fine dining industry.

His journey began as he apprenticed with great chefs like Emeril Lagasse, Charlie Trotter, and Gabino Sotellino.

Johnson traveled to Paris to train at Le Buisson D’Ardent to further hone his skills. He then spent time in Beaver Creek, Colorado, learning with Belgian Master Chef Daniel Joly.

After his culinary expeditions abroad, Johnson returned to his hometown of St. Louis, MO, where he established himself as the chef and owner of the acclaimed Sugarfire Smoke House.

This award-winning restaurant has gained recognition for its delectable offerings, including succulent brisket, pulled pork, ribs, signature sandwiches, and daily specials that showcase Johnson’s culinary artistry.

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Who is Mike Johnson? Meet The Owner of St. Louis Sugarfire Smoke House

Johnson returned to St. Louis, Missouri, where he was born and raised, motivated by a desire to impart his culinary knowledge.

He founded the Sugarfire Smoke House there, a highly regarded eatery known for its mouthwatering specialties like delicious brisket, pulled pork, ribs, and specialty sandwiches.

The restaurant’s daily specials are evidence of Johnson’s inventiveness and capacity for constant improvement.

Chef Mike Johnson’s career in the kitchen is evidence of his love of good cuisine and commitment to perfecting his trade.

Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson is the owner of the Sugarfire Smokehouse. (Source: saucemagazine)

At the start of his illustrious career, he had the incredible chance to work with great chefs like Emeril Lagasse, Charlie Trotter, and Gabino Sotellino.

These encounters gave him a solid basis and enabled him to advance his culinary abilities.

Johnson traveled to Paris for more education and training, where he received his training at the esteemed Le Buisson D’Ardent.

Furthermore, this exposure to the complexities of French food enlarged his culinary horizons.

Later, he collaborated with Belgian Master Chef Daniel Joly in Beaver Creek, Colorado, broadening his skill set.

In addition, Johnson opened Hi-Pointe Drive-In in addition to Sugarfire, swiftly establishing itself as one of St. Louis’s top new dining establishments.

Notably, the restaurant’s smash patty burgers have drawn notice throughout the country and enhanced Johnson’s standing as a talented cook.

Similarly, chef Mike Johnson has taken on the role of a celebrity Pitmaster outside of his restaurant endeavors, representing Sugarfire in several domestically and overseas prestigious events.

His abilities have been tested globally, from Hogs for the Cause to Memphis in May, earning him recognition and adoration from the barbecue community.

Meet Mike Johnson Business Partner Christina Fitzgerald

Christina Fitzgerald, a brilliant cook with a background in French cuisine, discovered that her path crossed with Mike Johnson’s.

A chance encounter started their shared culinary adventure.

When a friend introduced Christina to Chef Mike Johnson, she was immediately enthralled by his love of barbecue. She saw a new universe of opportunities in this field of cuisine.

Christina partnered with Mike Johnson and the Sugarfire brand to go on this tasty journey. Together, they established the wildly popular Sugarfire Smoke House restaurants in St. Louis, becoming a formidable culinary power couple.

Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson and his business partner Christina. (Source: bbq newsletter)

Their restaurants’ recognition and ubiquity have been fueled by their combined know-how and bonded passion for barbecue.

Furthermore, the pair has participated in numerous barbecue festivals, exhibiting their abilities and culinary refinement in addition to their restaurant endeavors. Their expertise and commitment to their art have cemented their status as key players in the barbeque industry.

By establishing Hi-Pointe Drive-In in 2016, Christina and Mike grew their gastronomic empire. The eatery has since received widespread acclaim and was named Missouri’s Best Burger by the Riverfront Times in 2018.

Finally, Christina is a devoted mother to her two children, Brixton and London, in addition to her career as a chef. She keeps her personal affairs secret, but her love for her family is evident.

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