Bella Duenas Viral Video On Telegram: Leaked Footage Scandal

Bella Duenas Viral Video has kept the internet abuzz with the unexpected and erratic behavior of Dueñas, a well-known content creator.

Bella Duenas, an internet personality with a substantial following across various platforms, boasts 232K followers on Instagram (

Her presence extends to TikTok, where she commands a following of 15.5M with 298.4M likes under the username @belladuenas.

Recently, Bella Duenas has taken a different direction on TikTok, creating a ‘help sign’ video that has sparked concerns among her 14.5 million followers.

Known initially for beauty and health advice, she has surprised her audience by delving into paranormal experiences, suggesting a possession.

This shift in content has raised speculation and consternation among her followers, marking a notable transformation in her social media presence.

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Bella Duenas Viral Video On Telegram

Yes, Bella Duenas has recently gone viral on several social media platforms, including Telegram. 

Fans worry about Bella Dueñas after she concluded a live video with a distress signal, raising concerns about her safety and well-being.

The influencer’s recent remarks about supernatural entities in her home and her assertion of being possessed have heightened apprehension.

This abrupt shift from beauty-focused content to the paranormal has prompted criticism and inquiries from her followers.

Bella Duenas Viral Video
Fans express worry for Bella Dueñas as she gave a distress signal, raising concerns about her well-being (Source: Periodico)

Initially renowned for her beauty-oriented themes, Dueñas’ move toward the paranormal has sparked speculation about her mental health and the credibility of her claims.

Some are questioning whether this change in attitude is a strategic marketing move.

Amidst growing concern, social media users are suggesting that Bella Dueñas’ behavior may be linked to mental health rather than genuine supernatural experiences.

Comments on various platforms express followers’ concerns, questioning the authenticity of her claims and offering support if needed.

Apart from the Instagram account we mentioned in the intro, there is another account associated with her, @belladuenas_isa, which features 177 posts and 2K followers.

Moreover, Isabel Dueñas’s (@belladuenastips) account also has 2M followers and 94 posts.

Bella Duenas Leaked Footage Scandal

Hailing from Monterrey, Bella Dueñas initially gained fame for emphasizing beauty and involvement in cosplay.

However, her recent leaked footage scandal relating to her paranormal experiences has led to speculation about the authenticity of this transformation.

It has left her followers to wonder if it is a genuine shift or a strategic move to broaden her audience.

Renowned for her distinctive long, red hair, Dueñas underwent an abrupt shift in content at the end of 2023.

Suddenly, she began sharing paranormal stories, exhibiting peculiar behavior, and reportedly even cutting her hair.

Her use of the “sign of violence” or help signal in a live broadcast has raised concerns, leading some online users to question if she might be a victim of domestic violence.

Bella Duenas Viral Video
Bella Duenas’s recent leaked footage scandal relates to her paranormal experiences (Source: YouTube)

It’s worth noting that the “violence signal” was established during the COVID-19 pandemic as a discreet way for victims of domestic violence to seek help.

The situation remains suspicious, with some internet users speculating that it could be a ploy to garner more followers or regain relevance on social networks.

More extreme theories suggest the possibility of Bella Dueñas being possessed by a demon, although this remains unconfirmed.

Bella Dueñas’ official account has shared videos discussing this theory, where she repeats the phrase “I have you, Bella Dueñas” while laughing eerily during a TikTok live broadcast.

She has also posted videos with red eyes, walking on a bridge, and contorting in peculiar ways.

While remaining active on Instagram, where she shares provocative photos, her stories and real-life actions convey a demeanor as if she were possessed.

The situation continues to spark controversy and criticism due to the perceived falsehoods and fabricated stories being propagated by TikTok.

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