Extraordinary: Is Bilal Hasna Gay Or Has A Girlfriend? Dating History

“Is Bilal Hasna gay?” This question arose when a still from “Dead Hot” surfaced online, sparking rumors about Bilal Hasna being homosexual. Let’s explore this trending topic further.

Bilal Hasna, a British actor and playwright born in 1999 in North London, has gained recognition for his roles in various television series and films.

Following appearances in “Sparks” and “Screw,” Hasna landed his first main television role as Kash in the Disney+ Star superhero comedy “Extraordinary” in 2023.

Hasna also co-wrote and starred in the one-man play “For a Palestinian” with Aaron Kilercioglu, debuting in 2022 at Camden People’s Theatre and later at the Bristol Old Vic.

In his first feature film, he debuted as the lead character in Amrou Al-Kadhi’s “Layla.” Hasna also lent his voice to the animated film “The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim.”

Now he is set to star opposite Vivian Oparah in the upcoming Amazon Prime comedy thriller series “Dead Hot” and the film “Layla” in 2024.

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Is Bilal Hasna Gay Or Has A Girlfriend?

Rumors surrounding Bilal Hasna’s sexuality have been trending since a still from Prime Video’s new queer comedy “Dead Hot” surfaced online.

However, there has been no confirmation regarding Bilal Hasna’s sexual orientation in real life.

Similarly, the up-and-coming actor has not disclosed any information about having a girlfriend, nor has he been seen with anyone publicly.

Bilal Hasna Gay
Bilal Hasna’s sexuality rumors surged with the release of a still from Dead Hot (Source: Gay Times)

Streaming in the UK and Ireland starting March 1, the six-part queer comedy thriller “Dead Hot” is based in Liverpool.

Available exclusively on Prime Video, this British television series delves into the realm of comedy-thriller with a queer twist.

The plot centers around Elliot, portrayed by Bilal Hasna, and Jess, played by Vivian Oparah, as they embark on a misadventure involving a botched ghost hunt.

Hasna and Oparah, known for her role in “I May Destroy You,” headline the series as Elliot and Jess navigate life’s challenges in their mid-twenties.

A promotional image exclusively released by GAY TIMES hints at a romance between Elliot and Will, portrayed by Hodson, with Hasna and Hodson sharing an intimate moment.

Moreover, this has sparked widespread speculation online, fueling rumors about Hasna’s sexuality.

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Extraordinary Actor Bilal Hasna Dating History

Netizens are eager to uncover Actor Bilal Hasna’s dating history, especially after a new image from the Prime Video series “Dead Hot,” starring Hasna, hints at a queer romance.

This revelation has sparked intense speculation online, with many wondering if he is dating someone or has a girlfriend.

To illustrate, netizens are keen to delve into Actor Bilal Hasna’s dating history. However, as of 2024, there have been no reports of Hasna dating anyone.

This interest has grown, especially after a new image from the Prime Video series “Dead Hot,” starring Hasna, suggests a queer romance.

Bilal Hasna Gay
As of 2024, there are no reports of Bilal Hasna dating anyone (Source: Attitude Magazine)

This discovery has ignited fervent speculation online, with many curious about his current relationship status or whether he has a girlfriend.

Touching on Bilal’s background, the understated star was born in central London to a Palestinian father and a Punjabi mother.

Hasna attended Haberdashers’ Boys’ School in Elstree and graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature.

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