Bobby Bone Sister Amanda Estell: Parents And Family

Behind every successful person, there is a strong support system, and Bobby Bone sister, Amanda Estell, has played a key role in his life and is his shoulder to lean on.

Bobby Bones is a well-known American radio and television personality born on April 2, 1980. He gained popularity as the host of the nationally syndicated show, The Bobby Bones Show.

Bones is also recognized for his role as a full-time mentor on the television show American Idol on ABC.

Moreover, he succeeded beyond broadcasting by winning season 27 of Dancing with the Stars alongside his partner Sharna Burgess.

Besides his hosting career, Bones is a published author with two New York Times best-sellers to his name. He has also released several country music albums through Black River Entertainment.

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Bobby Bone Sister Amanda Estell

Bobby Bones, the versatile television personality, is known for his successful career in the entertainment industry. However, behind his fame and achievements is his supportive sister.

Amanda Estell is Bobby Bone sister and has experienced her fair share of hardships and successes. Born four years after Bobby Bones in 1984, Amanda is the youngest of the family.

Their father left them when Bobby was just five years old, leaving their mother, Pamela Hurt, to face the challenges of raising two children independently.

According to Celebrity Mirror, their maternal grandmother, Hazel Hurt, legally adopted Bobby, while Hazel raised Amanda alongside her brother.

Growing up was tough for Bobby and Amanda, with their grandmother working as a music leader at a church and their mother battling addiction issues.

Bobby Bones sister
Bobby Bone sister, Amanda, is four years younger than him. (Source: Celebrity Mirror)

Nevertheless, both siblings managed to attend the local school.

Amanda completed her high school education at Mountain Pine High School in 2002 and pursued further studies at National Park College.

Bobby Bone sister, Amanda Estell, leads a private life away from the spotlight, making finding details about her professional endeavours challenging.

She frequently publishes pictures of different dog breeds on her Facebook page, which suggests that she is passionate about dog breeding.

Her social media accounts show her happy and fulfilling life. Amanda is happily married to her longtime husband, Paul Geurin, and they have two children, Aiden and Kiley Geurin.

Despite the hardships they face, Amanda and Bobby share a close bond. After the passing of their grandmother, Bobby took on the role of both mother and father figure for Amanda.

In September 2020, Bobby invited Amanda and her children to his place in Nashville, where they spent quality time together, strengthening their bond and rebuilding their relationship.

While Amanda may not seek the limelight like her brother, Bobby Bones, her presence in his life has been significant.

Bobby Bones Parents And Family

Bobby Bones, born on April 2, 1980, in Hot Springs, Arkansas, was raised in Mountain Pine’s small community by his mother, Pamela Hurt and his maternal grandmother, Hazel Hurt.

His father left the family when he was five. Bones has been transparent regarding his upbringing and connection with his biological father.

In “Bare Bones: I’m Not Lonely If You’re Reading This Book,” he gave a candid account of his upbringing and difficulties.

Bobby Bones sister
Bobby Bones is all smiles with his wife, Caitlin Parker. (Source: Instagram)

He revealed that until they reconciled when Bones was in his mid-thirties, his father had been absent for most of his life.

The tv-personality has highlighted how much he values the close bond between his sister and brother-in-law.

Additionally, he has created his own loving family with Caitlin Parker, whom he married in 2021. With time, his family is expected to grow stronger and closer.

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