Obituary: Brad Houser Stroke Linked To Death Cause

On July 24, 2023, the American bassist died at 62 due to a stroke. Explore inside to learn more about Brad Houser Stroke. 

Brad Houser was an exciting person with an enduring impression across many industries. He co-founded the Dallas rock groups New Bohemians and Critters Buggin, and the public well-received his musical abilities.

His artistic legacy persisted when they reunited for Stampede and Black Frames Solarallergy. In addition to music, Houser demonstrated 20 years of experience in product management.

Furthermore, his architectural expertise covered various disciplines, including design, planning, and contract administration.

He demonstrated his abilities even in the financial industry, gaining 35 years of experience since 2008. A 31-year TSSAA veteran, Houser’s commitment to high school football was also apparent.

Among his achievements, his work with Reverend Guitars on the “Brad Houser Signature” bass guitars shone brightly, ensuring the longevity of his reputation in the music industry and elsewhere.

Obituary: Brad Houser Stroke Linked To Death Cause

Brad Houser, a famous artist from Dallas, Texas, unexpectedly passed away on July 24, 2023, shocking the music industry.

He tragically passed away at 62 from a stroke, leaving behind a lasting legacy on the field he adored.

As word of his departure spread, accolades from admirers and other musicians flooded in, honoring his outstanding accomplishments and musical genius.

Brad Houser Stroke
Brad Houser died of a stroke. (Source: IStock)

Furthermore, while the passing of such a gifted artist raises many questions and intrigues, it is crucial to remember that respect and privacy should be maintained during these trying times.

Since little information concerning the circumstances of his death has been made public to date, such as his funeral and other ceremony, it is critical to respect his family’s request for privacy to honor his memory.

Lastly, we can find comfort in the immortal melodies he gave the world while the music industry laments the passing of an absolute legend.

The beats and melodies that distinguished Brad Houser’s illustrious career will live on in the rhythms and harmonies he left behind.

May his loved ones find solace in the outpouring of love and support from those who treasured him, and may his spirit find eternal peace.

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Brad Houser Family Mourns The Loss

Brad Houser passed away, leaving his family inconsolable as they underwent the arduous process of grieving and losing him.

His beloved Kirilola Onokoro, a gifted musician and former bassist for the Japanese band Ex-Girl, survives him. The couple even worked together on music, creating a legacy of their shared love for the genre.

Brad Houser’s parents and siblings are not included in the search results, but it is clear that his son, daughter, and the rest of his immediate family are currently grieving his unexpected passing.

Brad Houser Stroke
Brad Houser’s family mourns his loss. (Source: reverendguitars)

Furthermore, his passing has sent shockwaves across the music industry, with fans and other musicians lamenting the loss of such a talented artist.

Moreover, the family is probably cherishing their memories during this trying time and finding comfort in the love and support of friends and admirers.

The family deserves discretion and respect as they deal with their tremendous loss because the grieving process is personal.

In conclusion, Brad Houser’s musical legacy will continue to exist in the hearts of those impacted by his work, even as the music industry laments the passing of a great artist.

His contributions to the field will inspire and influence future generations of musicians.

May his loved ones draw strength from the affection and memories they shared with him, and may they experience compassion while going through this trying time.

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