Comedian Bron Lewis Age And Wikipedia: Partner And Family

If you are into humorous comedy content, you must have gone through the jokes of the Australian lady comedian. Here we will discover Bron Lewis Age, career timeline, and family details.

Bron Lewis is one of Australia’s most promising rising comedians. She is the co-winner of the “National Raw comedy competition” in 2022, along with Alexandra Hudson.

Similarly, Lewis is a four-time champion of the “Moth Storytelling competition”. She has skillful, natural delivery and control in her jokes, material, and content.

Fans considered Bron Lewis the whole package of comedy because her content and stage presence are relatable, hilarious, and smartly chaotic.

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Comedian Bron Lewis Age And Wikipedia

Lewis was born on 6 January 1987 and is thirty-six years old as of 2023. She was from in Canberra, Australia.

Bron Lewis is an Australian Comedy rising sensation whose popularity is on a progressive level day by day. In 2022, she appeared as a regular contestant in the “National Raw Comedy Competition” and became the co-winner of the prestigious show.

After that time, Lewis’s audience increased to an intense level, and she started to get more international fans and viewers. 

Lewis is now co-host of the podcast “Good Sheilas” and is a regular standup comedy performer in several comedy lounges.

Bron Lewis critically acclaimed show ” Probably” sold out in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and Brisbane, which scored her a nomination for Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s Best New Comer” for 2023.

Bron Lewis Age
At the age of 32, Bron Lewis started her career as Comedian. (Source: Instagram)

Before Lewis started her career as Comedian, she was a high school teacher for over a decade. The major challenge she faced at that time was to make the children and students engage in their studies fun.

That’s when she started learning punch lines for the classroom and learned some impersonation to make her class more lively. Her activities made her student more attentive and active in their studies, and Bron discovered her passion and talent.

Besides these, she also serves as the writer at The Project and has a prominent presence in writing articles and journals on contemporary topics of society.

Bron Lewis Partner And Family

Bron Lewis was born in Canberra as a daughter among the five kids of her parents.

Her mother was a single mom and worked in a nursing agency. Before her mother’s salary was not enough to run the livelihood, Lewis’s family lived in Commission housing.

Later, when she was a college student, her mother’s salary increased, enabling them to build a house in Queanbeyan.

Bron Lewis Age
Bron Lewis with her mother and siblings at Tomb Raider movie screening hall. (Source: Instagram)

In her comedy content, she sometimes mentions her childhood and stories of her mother. Similarly, she shares nostalgic photos of the past with her family on her social media handles.

Australian comedian Bron Lewis is married to Lukasz, who is a working man. He is rarely seen in the public place and public posts of his wife Bron and seems to be a busy person. 

Lewis often complains about looking after the kids with all her own and criticizes the patriarchal society. Lukasz is more like Bron, her off-screen supporter.

Bron and Lukasz are blessed with three adorable kids: two elder daughters and one younger son. The eldest child Olive Owczarek was born in 2014, the middle child Edie Owczarek was born in 2015, and the youngest one, Ari Hamish Owczarek, was born on 29 March 2021.

Bron Lewis Age
Bron Lewis has a loving husband and three adorable kids. (Source: Instagram)

Bron Lewis is a lively mother who spends most of her time with her children. She often posts pictures and videos of her children’s activities on her Instagram account. 

Olive, Edie, and Ari are adorable and humourous like their mother, Bron Lewis, as they are the bearer of her genes.

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