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Brooks Robinson was a renowned baseball player born in 1937 in Little Rock, Arkansas.

He is best known for his exceptional career as a third baseman for the Baltimore Orioles.

In 2009, he battled prostate cancer, but it was detected early, and he successfully overcame the disease through treatment.

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Get To Know Brooks Robinson Brother Gary Robinson

As per several sites, Brooks Robinson brother’s name is Gary Robinson. He is the younger brother of the legendary baseball icon.

Born five years after Brooks, Gary Robinson. Therefore, the siblings have an age gap of five years. 

Gary played a significant role in the life of the man known as “The Human Vacuum Cleaner” in Major League Baseball.

Brooks Calbert Robinson Jr., born on May 18, 1937, in Little Rock, Arkansas, was an American baseball legend.

He etched his name in history as one of the greatest third basemen ever to grace the sport.

His career was remarkable, with 16 consecutive Gold Glove Awards for outstanding defensive abilities.

Brooks Robinson brother
Brooks Robinson brother’s name is Gary. (Source: Camden Chat)

Brooks Robinson was a Baltimore Orioles lifer, dedicating his entire career to the team and becoming the face of the franchise.

While Brooks received accolades and admiration for his skills on the field, Gary Robinson witnessed his brother’s journey to greatness.

Though not in the limelight like his older brother, Gary played a crucial behind-the-scenes role. Moreover, he was a pillar of strength in Brooks’ life, both on and off the field.

Tragically, the baseball world mourned the loss of Brooks Robinson on September 26, 2023, as he passed away, leaving behind a legacy that transcends generations.

His impact on baseball, especially in third-base play, remains unparalleled.

Gary Robinson, Brooks’ brother, continues to cherish and honor the memory of his legendary sibling.

He remains a source of inspiration and a reminder of the close-knit bond between the Robinson brothers.

Brooks Robinson Family Tree: Who Were His Parents? 

Brooks Robinson, the legendary Hall of Fame baseball player, was born to his parents, Brooks Calbert Robinson Sr. and Ethel Mae (née Denker) Robinson.

His family tree traces back to his parents, who played a significant role in shaping the life of the iconic Baltimore Orioles third baseman.

His father, Brooks Calbert Robinson Sr., and mother, Ethel Mae Denker, were the proud parents. They welcomed him in Little Rock, Arkansas, on May 18, 1937.

Robinson showed early promise in baseball and eventually became one of the sport’s most outstanding defensive players.

His strong work ethic and dedication to the game were undoubtedly influenced by the values instilled in him by his parents.

In addition to his baseball career, Robinson also built a loving family. He married Constance Louise Butler, affectionately known as Connie Butcher.

Brooks Robinson brother
Brooks Robinson was raised by his parents, i.e. father Brooks Sr. and mother Ethel Mae. (Source: NY Times)

Together, they shared a life filled with love and happiness, and their union resulted in the birth of four children: three sons, David, Chris, and Michael, and a daughter named Diana.

The Robinson family’s bond extended beyond the baseball field. Brooks Robinson’s dedication to his family was evident in his commitment to being a loving husband and a devoted father.

While he was revered for his achievements on the diamond, he cherished his role as a family man equally.

Throughout his illustrious career, Robinson’s parents undoubtedly played a pivotal role in his development as a person and professional athlete.

Their support, guidance, and determination propelled him to become one of baseball’s all-time greats.

The Robinson family legacy continues to live on through the children Brooks and Connie raised.

As they grew up in the shadow of their famous father, they undoubtedly learned valuable life lessons about perseverance, hard work, and dedication.

While their father’s name will forever be associated with baseball excellence, his role as a loving son, husband, and father is equally significant in the rich tapestry of the Robinson family tree.

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