8 Things You Didn’t Know About Caleb Finn, Girlfriend, Age, Net Worth, Real Name

Who could have thought that one application which was made for unemployed people could provide work for people around the globe? Caleb Finn is a Tik Toker who has grown his fame overnight. Not only that, but he is also talented, creative, and above all, is humble and down to the earth.

Caleb Finn age
Caleb Finn is 25 years old

As most of the Tik Tokers have been rising in the industry, we present you, Caleb Finn. Here are the things that you probably did not know about this versatile actor and social media sensation. Shall we start with some quick facts;

Quick Facts About Caleb Finn

Full Name Caleb Finn
Net Worth $600k
Date of Birth 1994/12 /09
Marital Status Single
Birthplace Melbourne, Australia
Ethnicity White
Profession Social Media Personality
Nationality Melbourne, Australia
Eye color Hazel
Hair color Brown
Build Mesomorph
Height 5’8″
Weight 65 kg
Body Measurement Under Review
Online Presence Instagram, Tik-Tok, YouTube
Horoscope Sagittarius

1. Caleb Finn is an Australian

Yes, you read it right, this young influencer grew up in Melbourne, Australia. He has enrolled at Deakin University to study everything about Psychology. However, it does not appear that he is pursuing his career in that field.

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Having a cheerful and happy family, it was easy for Caleb to choose what he wanted to do in life. Furthermore, Finn is an Australian citizen who carried white descent.

2. Caleb Finn is just 25 years old

As young as he looks, Caleb is just at the tender age of 25. But the pace he is moving forward to thrive in the industry is immeasurable. Finn was born in the year of 1994 and will be 26 years old on the 9th day of December.

3. Caleb Finn is 5 feet 8 inches tall and has a hot body

Being a social media personality, this Australian star mainly focuses on his body. Well, he does want to impress some of the females around the globe, and eventually, Finn wants to feel confident with himself.

Caleb Finn height
Caleb Finn stands tall at a height of 5 feet 8 inches.

Caleb has a bodyweight of 65 kg and belongs to the mesomorph category. We have been reported that he has an arms size of 12 and prefers a shoe size of 8. As you can see, he looks elegant in his natural hazel eyes and short curly brown hair.

4. Caleb Finn Was Not Allowed To Enter United States

Fans were quite disappointed to hear that Finn was not able to enter the United States of America. The whole reason for that was because his document was not correct.

During that time, he was all set to rock the stage of Lights Out Tour in 2019, June. However, because of the wrong visa, all the fan’s dreams were shattered. Despite all this, the star shared his apologetic video in the media, and everything was normal.

5. Caleb Finn Favorite Things And Hobby

Thanks to the die-hard fans of this 25 years old persona have been a bit fluent about himself. In the Q&A videos uploaded on YouTube, he does not hesitate to share the things he loves and dislikes.

Caleb Finn natonality
Caleb Finn likes anime, games, and cartoons too

Caleb has revealed that he is a massive fan of Jennifer Lawrence and Brad Pitt (well, who isn’t?). He dreams of traveling to Greece during his holidays.

6. Caleb Finn Is Dating Someone

Well, if you cross 20, then you are likely to be attracted to someone. There is no particular age barrier for that too. This might be a nightmare for the Caleb fans girl, but it is what it is. This Tik Tok sensation is dating a girl named Lizzy.

Caleb Finn girlfriend
Caleb Finn with one of her sibling

In a YouTube video, he shared this personal information and later disclosed that he was no longer dating her anymore. The reason is still in the dark. By the looks of it, he seems to be single and happy.

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After that, Finn has been working hard to make his name in the show business. We hope that in the process of following his dream, he will find someone to spend his life with.

7. Caleb Finn Makes One Heck Of A Money

If you hear about the amount, Calen earns then you might want to rethink how serious you should be to make money. With Tik Tok, this star has been able to accumulate $600k in the year 2020.

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As the social media business is very effective and easy, several people are entering the competition. That has made it hard for some people to claim their place, but in the case of Finn, it is all fine.

8. Caleb Finn is active on Twitch too

Well good news for fans to follow in other platforms, Twitch. He goes with the name ScareCalebFinn. However, his fans on Instagram and Tik Tok are immeasurable. After he initiated his Tik Tok, his fan grew from 70k to 350k in a short span of 20 days. You can follow him on the link description below.

Instagram– 667k followers

Tik-Tok6.2m followers

Youtube– 191k followers



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