Who Is Casey Bagent, Travis Bagent Wife? Son Tyson Jacob Bagent

Delve into the article about Travis Bagent wife and unveil his family details and marital life.

Travis Bagent is a professional arm wrestler who holds the record of 17 World arm-wrestling championships.

Travis is the only super heavyweight -male over 226 pounds in the world to win the world championship with his left and right arms.

Travis Bagent’s first world title came in 2002 when he won with both arms.

After his immense popularity and legacy in sports and arm-wrestling, his son is now breaking NFL records with his exceptional performances.

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Travis Bagent Wife, Casey Bagent: An Amazing Lady

Travis Bagent is married to a gorgeous lady, Casey Bagent, with whom he shares about twenty-nine years of marital life.

The couple met at the Jefferson County Fair and started dating in their early twenties.

Travis Bagent’s wife, Casey Bagent, was a Shepherd University Graduate in 2002. She has a bachelor’s degree in sports marketing.

Casey has worked as a sports agent for an extended period and now enjoys her retired life with her husband, Travis Bagent, and four children.

Travis Bagent wife, Casey, has been with him since his initial phase in the sports. When Travis was struggling to find a proper agency to be trained, Casey helped him to find it.

Travis Bagent Wife
Travis Bagent Wife: Casey Bagent is engaged in sports marketing. (Source: Facebook)

Casey roamed around the agency to agency with Travis’s profile and document to provide him an appropriate environment to be trained.

Travis Bagent often mentions that his wife is the prime supporter of him and his children.

The four children of Travis Bagent love their parents and have immense respect for their mother, Casey Bagent.

Similarly, Casey Bagent is also blessed to have a supportive husband and four dutiful children who are making their legacy in the world realm.

Travis Bagent And Casey Bagent Son: Tyson Jacob Bagent

Travis Bagent and his wife, Casey Bagent, are the parents of four children: Tyson, Ezra, Diem, and Valyn Bagnet.

Travis and Casey’s son Tyson Jacob Bagent is an American football quarterback for the Chicago Bears of the National Football League (NFL).

Similarly, for college football, Tyson represented the Shephard Rams. In 2021, Bagent was named the Harlon Hill Trophy and the Hardman Award winner, as well as the DII Offensive Player of the Year.

Travis Bagent Wife
Travis Bagent and his wife Casey Bagent with son Tyson Bagent. (Source: Instagram)

Tyson is more like his father, Travis, in breaking records. As a five-year starter at Shepherd, Bagent broke almost every quarterback record for the school, the Division II record for completions and passing yards, and the NCAA record for passing touchdowns.

Moreover, with his fantastic playing skills and exceptional technique, On 22 October 2023, Tyson became the first Division II undrafted rookie to start an NFL game since 1950.

Travis Bagent And Casey Bagent: Parents Of Four Children

Aside from Tyson Bagent, the family has other talents in sports. Travis Bagent’s younger son, Ezra Bagent, is also a high school senior quarterback at Martinsburg, West Virginia.

Erza is making waves in the football world and is regarded as a rising player in American football. He possesses not only impressive physical prowess but also a deep-rooted football lineage.

Travis Bagent Wife
Travis Bagent and Casey Bagent are blessed parents of four children. (Source: Instagram)

Similarly, Travis Bagent’s daughters, Diem, and Valyn Bagents, are also artistically associated with the sports clubs in their school and are acting members of the sports community.

Travis Bagent and Casey Bagent are the proud parents of athletic children as their kids are making the news history with the sports world to continue the father’s legacy.

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