Was Cedric Roussel Ziek (Sick)? Died Suffering Heart Attack

Football fans around the world and especially in Belgium are mourning the sudden death of a former footballer on 24 June 2023. Let’s dive into the article to know the reason for Cédric Roussel Ziek (Sick).

Cédric Roussel was a Belgian professional footballer who played for ‘Coventry City’ in Premier League.

In 1997, Roussel signed with “Gent” and began playing professionally. Throughout his career he played for various clubs including, ” Mons, Rubin Kazan, Gank, Standard Liege, Btescia, and La Louviere before retiring in 2015. 

Cédric was also part of the Belgium national team for the year 2003. But, his life is more like a rollercoaster where he had to face failures and losses.

At that time, his former girlfriend Kirsty Wood and his son Cameron were by his side for courage and encouragement.

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Was Cédric Roussel Ziek (Sick)? Health Condition

Forty-five years old, Cédric had to face problems several times in his life. 

When he was in the initial success of his career he struggled with injuries and had to change his football teams frequently because of discontinuity.

At that time he had his former girlfriend as the support system. However, the couple got split after the birth of their son Cameron.

One after another tragedy surrounds him. His best pal from his hometown died in a car crash when he was twenty-four years old.

This long list of misfortunes cast a gloom over Roussel’s life and plunged him into a pit of depression.

After he returned to football, he couldn’t fully focus on the game and was suffering from many injuries. Some made him admitted to the hospital and had to take rest for a long period of time.

Cédric Roussel Zick
Cédric Roussel was injured several times when he was active in his career. (Source: Irishnews)

According to the internet resources he had to join the therapeutic session for his mental peace. No matter how much he tried his depression did not cut out until he again reunited with his girlfriend Kristy.

Slowly and gradually, he was regaining his pace in his career, but it was often interrupted by his several leg and back injuries.

Cédric Roussel Death Cause: Former Coventry Died Suffering Heart Attack

Cédric Roussel left the world on 24 June 2023. As per the media, he passed away because of cardiac arrest. 

When he was sitting on a terrace at a marketplace in the city of Mons where he resides, he felt sudden uneasiness in his heartbeat and fell down. 

Immediately, emergency services rushed to the catastrophe but were unable to revive the footballer.

Roussel did not have such serious health issues lately and was seen happy with his family on his social media. On 24 June 2023, he shared a photo of himself and his partner on his Instagram account, and he was looking fine in that picture. 

Likewise, he was also hanging out with his friends and his beautiful daughter Thais Roussel. But we never knew what would happen in a small matter of time. 

Cedric Roussel Ziek
Cédric Roussel loved his daughter so much and often went out to spend leisure time with her. (Source: Instagram)

The whole country is mourning the loss of the former footballer. Fans from all over the world are sending messages of condolences for the bewildered family through media accounts and Twitter. 

Similarly, Belgium’s football clubs and the national team led the tributes on social media accompanied by a photo of him playing for his country. 

 Although his physical appearance will be missed, Cédric will always be in the heart of fans and family for his accomplishment and personality. 

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