Celest Chong Husband 2023: Has She Remarried? Kids

Celest Chong husband: The multi-talented personality is probably single at the moment after her decade-old marriage came to an end. After the divorce, Celest returned to her hometown, Singapore.

Celest Chong, who is also known as Celest, will be 44 years old in 2024, born on December 25, 1979.

Celest, a multifaceted talent from Singapore, is known for her roles as an actress, singer, and former cover model.

Residing in Canada from 2010 to 2023, she decided to make a significant move back to her homeland in September 2023.

Celest’s journey in the entertainment industry kicked off with a memorable debut in Eric Khoo’s Stories About Love, where she took on the role of a secretary and showcased a Turkish-inspired belly dance.

Adding versatility to her career, Celest lent her voice to the show’s theme song, titled “Sorry, My Love.”

Transitioning to Channel 5’s sitcom, Making Love, Celest assumed the role of Pamela, a captivating receptionist which further boosted her popularity among the people.

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Who Is Celest Chong Husband In 2024? Has She Remarried? Kids

As the news of Celest Chong’s divorce came out, people have been wondering if this multi-talented personality is married.

They have also been looking for news such as Celest Chong’s husband.

Celest, who had just come back from her failed 12-year-long marriage is probably single at the moment.

Celest Chong Husband
Celest Chong is currently single. (Source: Asia One)

There happens to be no signs hinting that she might be in a relationship.

At the moment, Celest might be more focused on establishing and setting the pace of her career.

However, there is also a possibility of her being in a secret relationship that has yet to be made public.

It is entirely Celest Chong’s choice to decide when and what she would like to publicize.

As her followers, we must not try to invade her privacy, but rather respect it and wait for the announcement from the respective personality.

We must also remember that it is what Celest is as a person and what she offers us as part of her career that matters, not the personal stuff.

Who Was Celest Chong Married To?

Celest Chong with her established career has gathered a lot of fans who sincerely want and seek her updates.

Recently, people have been interested in knowing about Celest Chong’s husband.

Although born and raised in Singapore, Celest Chong left for Toronto, Canada in 2010 to be with her then-boyfriend. The couple eventually tied the knot in the year 2012.

Celest Chong
Celest Chong got married to her ex-husband in the year 2012. (Source: 8days)

The model singer-actress left the Singapore showbiz and Singapore itself to live with her Canadian husband.

However, there happens to be no details about her ex-husband. Neither his name nor his profession is known.

It turns out that he’s her Canadian ex-husband now, as she recently confessed to local Chinese media outlets about their divorce.

In an interview with Shin Min Daily News, Chong revealed that she had been making plans to permanently move back to Singapore in 2023.

Chong also revealed that she decided to come back to take care of her elderly relatives back in Singapore.

The exact reason behind their divorce has also not been disclosed to her dedicated followers yet.

But we must also remember that sensitive topics such as marriage and divorce a personal choices and it completely depends upon them whether or not they want to disclose the details.

For now, let us not try to invade anyone’s privacy without their will.

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