Who Is Lee Soo-jin, Cha Seung-Won Wife? Relationship Timeline

Delve into the captivating relationship journey of renowned actor Cha Seung-Won wife, Lee Soo-jin, as we unfold the intriguing timeline of their love story.

Cha Seung-won, a South Korean actor, initially gained recognition as a sought-after fashion model in the 1990s before transitioning to acting.

His breakthrough came with the success of comedy hits like “Jail Breakers,” “My Teacher, Mr. Kim,” and “Ghost House.”

While his debut film in 1997 didn’t propel him to stardom, it was his notable performance in the 2000 firefighting film “Libera Me” that drew attention.

However, it was the 2001 comedy “Change the Moon” that truly transformed Cha’s career, earning him widespread acclaim.

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Meet Cha Seung-Won Wife Lee Soo-jin

Cha Seung-Won, the esteemed South Korean actor, embarked on a lifelong journey with his longtime girlfriend, Lee Soo-jin.

While details about Lee remain relatively private, it’s known that Cha Seung-Won Wife holds significant wealth and is four years older than him.

The couple managed to keep their marital union under wraps for an extended period, skillfully evading the prying eyes of social media and the public.

Cha Seung-Won, known for his prowess in the entertainment industry, successfully maintained a veil of secrecy around his personal life.

Shockingly, he confessed to having concealed this aspect of his life for over 22 years.

Cha Seung-Won Wife
Cha Seung-Won Wife is four years older than him. (Source: Popbela)

This revelation brought forth a mix of surprise and curiosity, prompting a closer examination of the actor’s private life.

Behind the scenes, it is rumored that Cha Seung-Won faced numerous challenges in convincing his parents to accept his relationship with Lee Soo-jin.

Navigating familial expectations and societal norms, the actor confronted obstacles on the path to marital bliss.

The revelation of the hidden marriage added a layer of complexity to Cha Seung-Won’s public image.

Cha Seung-Won And Lee Soo-jin: Relationship Timeline

Cha Seung-won’s marital journey traces back to 1992 when he tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Lee Soo-jin.

The couple, who had been dating for a significant period, expanded their family with the arrival of their daughter, Cha Ye-ni, in 2003.

The revelation of their secret marriage came to light in 1999 through an essay book penned by Cha Seung-won wife, titled “Living a Life with a Younger Man.”

The book not only disclosed their union but also offered insights into their life together.

Their love story began in a bar where Cha Seung-won first encountered Lee Soo-jin while she was still in school, and he was a senior in high school.

Prior to officially tying the knot, the couple had a son, Noah, born before their marriage.

Cha Seung-Won Wife
Cha Seung-Won Wife: wrote an essay book titled “Living a Life with a Younger Man.” (Source: Amino)

However, the family faced a challenging situation in 2014 when a man named Cho claimed to be Cha No Ah’s biological father.

This individual asserted that Cha Seung-won acknowledging Cha No Ah as his own son was a source of humiliation for him.

Mr. Cho went on to demand a considerable sum, asking Cha and Lee’s family to pay him 100 million won ($81,500).

According to Cho, he and Lee Soo-jin were in a previous relationship, and after their breakup, they had a child together.

Despite being aware of this situation, Cha Seung-won, out of love for his wife, had previously presented himself as Cha No Ah’s biological father to the public.

Driven by deep affection for Lee Soo-jin, Cha decided to officially adopt No Ah, treating him as his own son.

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