Chef Charly Pierre Parents: Who Are They? Family Details

Meet Chef Charly Pierre Parents and get to know his family details. Chef Charlie is popular for his scrumptious foods and his kind nature.

Charly Pierre is a Haitian-American Chef popular for serving Haitian Street food at the FRITAI restaurant and Bar at the St. Roch market, Los Angeles, USA.

Chef Charly’s foods are influenced by Haitian culture and the urban flavor of New Orleans, giving the food a unique taste. His menus are loved by customers who enjoy the fusion of food varieties.

Similarly, “Fritai” is one of St. Roch Market’s most successful stalls- featuring in numerous culinary magazines and several television appearances, including Charly winning “Food Network’s Chopped.”

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Chef Charly Pierre Parents: Who Are They?

Charly was born on 28 February 1989 in the Boston area and grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Charly was born to Haitian parents who immigrated to the United States in 1988. His father, Mr. Pierre, was from Jacmel – a port town on the south coast of Haiti and his mother, Mrs. Pierre, was from Carrefour, Haiti.

Charly’s father was a skilled chef who trained and worked for the “Marriot Hotel Group,” and his mother was a housemaker who loved her children. 

Pierre’s mother used to cook Haitian dishes deeply rooted in the family and cultural past. Charly grew up enjoying his mother’s delicious food with his sister Edna and brother Welson Pierre.

Charly Pierre Parents
Charly Pierre has a loving family and supportive parents. (Source: Instagram)

The meals made by Charly’s mother had typical Haitian flavor, and the restaurants around Massachusetts had American flavors. The taste of food from two different cultures was fascinating to Charly.

In his family’s compound in Croix des Bouquet, Haiti, Charly Pierre slaughtered an animal – lamb for the first time at twelve. With the help of his parents, Pierre made a delicious feast that day, and his passion for cooking was also triggered right at that moment.

Charly Pierre’s parents are proud of their son’s achievements and support his attempt to promote Haitian culture. 

Charly often shares his family time with his parents and siblings, where they exchange happy and cheerful moments. We can witness his adorable family moments on his social media handles.

Chef Charly Pierre Family Details: Girlfriend Christine M. Hamilton

Charly Pierre grew up in a family of Haitian origins, and Pierre’s connections with Haiti revolve around his family, friends, and food. His family got him to be introduced to the evolution of the two cultures and made him attached to the beauty of fusion and preservation of native foods and cuisines.

Now, Charly Pierre is promoting Haitian street food and introducing Haiti’s food to the new world of America.

In his culinary journey, he was supported by his parents, sister, and family and accompanied by his girlfriend, Christine M. Hamilton.

Charly Pierre Parents
Charly Pierre enjoying vacation with his sister, girlfriend, and aunt. (Source: Instagram)

Christine is a style architect and creative director for Cmhstyle. She creates various customs and theme that blends with nature and human. Ms. Hamilton is a humble lady and is confident in her work. 

Charly and Christine started dating in April 2020. Christine supports and cheers her partner for his amazing work. 

Similarly, Christine has a good relationship with Charly’s parents. His family currently lives in Boston, and when the couple visits them, they spend a good time together, sharing laughter and happiness.

Furthermore, when Charly’s mother, aunt, and family visit FRITAI in New Orleans, Christine is reliable for a proper accompany to assist them as close company along with Charly.

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