Who Are Chris Horning And Ellen Pollard? Chris Horning Jr Parents And Family

Chris Horning Jr Parents are in the news as the followers and admirers of the football player are worried about them following his unexpected demise.

Chris Horning Jr., a freshman linebacker from Littleton, Colo., stood 6 feet tall and weighed 210 pounds.

Before joining the collegiate level, he excelled at Columbine High School, earning an All-Jeffco selection under the guidance of coach Andy Lowry.

In the 2023 season, Horning showcased his defensive prowess for his team at Colorado Mesa University.

Chris majored in Business and, choosing CMU for its academic and athletic opportunities, brought dedication to both aspects of his college experience.

During the 2023 season, Chris Horning Jr. demonstrated his defensive skills with notable achievements.

In a game against N.M. On November 11, 2023, Highlands recorded season highs with 3 tackles and 1 interception.

While he enjoyed weightlifting and spending time with friends off the field, his contributions showcased his commitment to his academic and athletic pursuits.

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Chris Horning Jr Parents: Who Are Chris Horning And Ellen Pollard?

Chris Horning Jr was the son of Ellen Pollard and Chris Horning. While there is very little information about the late footballer himself, he has not shared much about his parents.

Tragically, Chris Horning Jr., a respected individual from Columbine High School, has passed away, as validated by a post from the official page of Columbine Football on Twitter.

Chris, who stood as a symbol of resilience and determination, was shaped by the supportive community spirit of Columbine, exemplifying strength in the face of challenges.

Educated at Columbine, Chris excelled academically and showed commitment to personal and community development.

Chris Horning Jr Parents
Columbine Football posted about Chris Horning Jr’s demise on their Twitter profile (Source: X)

His impact at Columbine, whether in academics, extracurricular activities, or community service, has left an enduring impression.

Chris’s time at Columbine shaped his character, fostering camaraderie and instilling values that guided his personal and professional growth.

Sadly, despite a promising future, he is no longer with us, leaving cherished memories behind. Chris Horning Jr.’s obituary has not been published, and his family is grieving.

In this difficult time, it is essential to respect their privacy, as details regarding funeral arrangements are yet to be released.

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More On Chris Horning Jr: Family And Ethnicity 

The late student-athlete Horning Jr. gained recognition for his academic and athletic accomplishments.

Chris distinguished himself as a football player at Columbine High School, donning jersey number 9 and participating in numerous regional and local championships.

Under the guidance of coach Andy Lowry, he earned the title of All-Jeffco Selection, showcasing impressive stats with a 4.72 40-yard dash, 4.6 Shuttle, and a 335 Bench.

A member of the Class of 2023, Chris continued his academic and athletic journey at Colorado Mesa University, majoring in business as a freshman.

Chris Horning Jr Parents
There is very limited information about Chris Horning Jr.’s family and ethnicity (Source: iStock)

Although details about his parents and ethnicity are limited, his evident athletic prowess may be attributed to them.

Chris also had a sibling, Walton Horning, and he passionately joined CMU’s 2023 football roster.

In essence, Chris was a promising student-athlete with a bright future. Unfortunately, his untimely passing has cast a somber atmosphere over Columbine High School.

May Chris Horning Jr’s soul rest in peace, and may God give his family the strength to go through this tough time.

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