Chrissie Bixler Son: Meet Her Twin Boys Ulysses And Xanthus

Being one of the prominent figures in the entertainment industry, details regarding Chrissie Bixler son have sparked the internet as many fans have shown their interest in knowing more about them.

Chrissie Carnell Bixler, commonly known as Chrissie Bixler is a highly acclaimed American actress, best known for her role in the popular film Jack-O. 

Moreover, Chrissie is popular for her modeling career where she has been able to successfully work with many popular magazines such as Seventeen, Glamour, and Elle. 

Also known as beauty with the brain, Chrissie is not only known for having a perfect body and facial structure but she is also taken as one of the influential figures in the entertainment industry.

Lately, Chrissie is being talked of the town after, Danny Masteson who was found guilty of raping 4 women including Chrissie, was sentenced to 30 years of prison. 

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Chrissie Bixler Son: Meet Her Twin Boys Ulysses And Xanthus

Being a renowned actress, showbiz fans are not only curious about Chrissie’s professional life but also about her personal life. Moreover, questions regarding her dating life have also been constantly asked on the internet. 

While the actress prefers to keep privacy regarding her private life, facts about Chrissie Bixler son’s existence are not hidden among her fans and followers.

Chrissie has given birth to loving twins named Xanthus and Ulysses Bixler in 2013.

However, besides being the son of a renowned model and actress, nothing in particular is known regarding them.

Chrissie Bixler Son
Not much is known about Chrissie Bixler son. (Source: Instagram)

Moreover, as their full date of birth is also now exposed, there is no information to confirm Chrissie Bixler son age. 

Looks like, being a responsible mother, Chrissie does not want any sort of spotlight on her son’s life. Also, given the sensitive news the actress is being surrounded with lately, it is more important to keep her family life protected. 

However, the actress is indeed seen sharing glimpses of her son sometimes on her social media platform. 

Chrissie Bixler Family Details 

Moving on to Chrissie Bixler family, Chrissie was born and grew up in Ozark, Alabama. While details regarding her parents are kept secret, it is known that the actress grew up in a family that was deeply involved with the church.

Bixler has also been very vocal regarding her religious beliefs and inclinations. She had been actively participating in the church of Scientology.

However, it was reported that she later decided to leave Scientology in 2016 after watching a documentary series about the scandals of the church.

Though the whereabouts of the model’s mom and dad are unknown, fans know that Chrissie has a loving family of 4 members, her husband, herself, and her twin sons. 

The showbiz actress’s husband, Cedric Bixler-Zavala, is a popular American singer, and lyricist of the rock band the Mars Volta.

Chrissie Bixler Husband
Chrissie Bixter husband is a well-known and respected singer. (Source: Billboard)

Moreover, he is also the lead singer of the band Antemasque and sings and plays guitar in his band Zavalaz. Cedric and Chrissie got married in 2009 after being in a committed relationship for a long time.

Throughout her career, Chrissie has always received constant support and love from her family. They have provided her with the constant encouragement and strength that she needed. 

Furthermore, her husband and family even stood by her side when she came forward as one of Masterson’s rape accusers in 2017.

Along with having a supportive husband who is always there in thick and thin, Chrissie also has an honest fan following.

And she too acknowledging this fact never misses to express her gratitude towards her supporters and family. 

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